Current Samsung Moment User Moving to Epic 4G - Can't Wait!

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  1. dgs

    dgs Member

    So I've been less than thrilled with the Moment since purchasing the phone in April. Battery life stinks, camcorder quality is terrible (especially with the 2.1 upgrade), camera is fair but severely lacking in features, the phone has slow touch response times, and it's ridiculously bulky. I have wanted to put some videos up on youtube of me performing some of my music and the quality of the camcorder is so bad that is not an option. I have held off purchasing a separate Flip camcorder because I knew there would be a smart phone by Sprint that had a full-fledged camcorder integrated with the phone. Thank you Epic 4G!

    At the time I bought it, it was simply the best smart phone Sprint offered. But the Samsung Epic 4G is going to be the phone I wanted initially. The specs are incredible, and since I won't use a phone without a slider keyboard the phone is perfect for me. Besides being much faster and full-featured than the Moment, the form factor seems a good bit slimmer than the Moment too (I've seen pictures of the phone only, but you can tell it's slimmer in the pictures).

    I'm signed up on Sprint's webpage to be notified as soon as it's available, I'm buying it day one. I don't remember the last time I have ever bought new technology the day it comes out, actually I never have, but the Epic 4G will be my one exception. Can't freaking wait!

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  2. mikeb33

    mikeb33 Well-Known Member

    I have 2 Moments bought June 17. I have 30 days to return for something else. ANY chance the Epic will be out in the next week? Otherwise my best choice is the Intercept which seems so similar to the Moment, it's hard to see why the bothered.
  3. walord

    walord Active Member

    Not even a remote chance the Epic will be out in a week. If you're looking at the Intercept as a step up or even a lateral move, you should think again.

    lower quality lower res 3" TFT 240x400 screen
    No LED flash
    EVDO rev.0
    Same CPU
  4. mikeb33

    mikeb33 Well-Known Member

    I agree, but what to do? Could I buy a couple cheap eBay Sprint capable phone and have them activated for a few weeks?
  5. walord

    walord Active Member

    I returned my Moment before my 30 days were up (6/20) and just switched my service back to my Instinct while I wait for the Epic. I was going to get the EVO but I decided to wait until the 6/30 Samsung event to decide what I wanted to do with all the Galaxy S Pro rumors floating around. Glad I did, as I would rather have the keyboard, Super AMOLED, and the hummingbird.

    Anyway, switching to another phone is pretty easy if you have one available to use.
  6. iBleedBlackNgold

    iBleedBlackNgold Well-Known Member

    I'm using the p.o.s. moment only as a temp phone till epic comes out. I'm coming from an evo and all I will say is the moment is at least better then the touch pro 2 I used b4 evo lol
  7. Jim_Phone

    Jim_Phone Well-Known Member

    I made the huge upgrade from an old Samsung Rant feature phone to an Evo on release day and I have been very happy with my first real smartphone. I love Android, I love Sense UI & HTC Sync and only the lack of a physical keyboard makes me question whether I made the right move. I had no idea that the Samsung Epic with a slider keyboard and such great specs was coming this summer. I will be at the Sprint store on release day to check out the Epic and possibly switch over. Still love my Evo but I type so much faster with two thumbs on a physical horizontal keyboard.
  8. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    I thought the screen was 3.2??? I heard that the resolution was 800 x 480, not sure if thats correct...

    Not sure if its AMOLED or not (Probably not due to shortage)
  9. SebastianX

    SebastianX Well-Known Member

    It's not 3.2 it's 4.0" the resolution is in facr 800x480 at a 5:3 aspect ratio and it's not an amoled screen, it's a Super-Amoled screen and since the only phones Samsung has to supply super amoled screens to is their own Galaxy S line there shouldn't be any shortages.

    Samsung was running out of amoled screens because of the sheer number of Android phones running on their screens they were overwhelming, since then they've announced a new manufacturing plant.

    EDIT: Ignore my comment above the specs are correct but not for the intercept these stats are for the Epic 4G. The intercept has a 3.7" screen I believe.
  10. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    lol yeah, I was talking about the intercept, not the Epic. The epic is 3.2 I believe.
  11. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Well-Known Member

    no its not its 4.0" just like the original Samsung Galaxy S and the others
  12. dgs

    dgs Member

    Jim I was in the same boat as you, didn't know anything about the Epic when the Evo came out. I was seriously tempted to bite the bullet on the Evo but was very concerned it lacked a physical keyboard with as much texting as I do (probably more than even calling). So I went to Google, typed in the search "upcoming Sprint smart phones" and bingo, I was able to find out about the Epic.

    Once I read the specs the Evo was not given a second thought. Not only does it have a physical keyboard but the 1 Ghz processor in the Epic is supposed to be three times faster than any other 1 Ghz processor on the market. The Evo has a higher megapixel count on the camera, 8mp vs 5mp on the Epic, but the Epic displays 16M colors vs 65K on the Evo. 65K colors only is lame, especially since first generation iPhone can display far more than that.

    The Evo is a great phone and is obviously great for a lot of people (they can't keep it in stock) but for me and my needs the Epic is the winner. Not only am I signed up to be notified of availability on Sprint's website, but an employee at my local Sprint store told me he will set one aside for me as soon as they come in case a whole bunch of people go running to the store to buy one on day one (he said I'm the first person to ask about it, so selling out shouldn't be an issue, but you never know).
  13. pkulak

    pkulak Well-Known Member

    To all you guys who love physical keyboards... why? It's a serious question because I love everything about the Epic except the keyboard, which makes it about 40% thicker. I'm an iPhone user right now and I can type about as fast as my thumbs can move on a virtual screen. When I pick up a hardware keyboard I have no idea how to hit just one tiny little button with my big, fat thumbs. Maybe when I get the Epic I'll fall in love with the keyboard, but I don't want to lug around a giant phone if I'm only going to use the soft keyboard.

    I've heard that you can touch type on a hardware keyboard. Is that true? It would actually be pretty nice to type without having to stare at the phone...
  14. docfreed

    docfreed Active Member

    With a non-keyboard phone - if you have to enter a DTMF tone, or a response to a computer generated question (like calling for tech service etc.) - it's a royal PITA.

    With the EPIC keyboard (just like the Moment) I expect it to be a piece of cake.
  15. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    This phone is not really that huge and its not that thick either, especially for a slider. Also, the keys on this phone are not small like blackberry keys or some other sliders, they are nice and large for comfortable typing. I could literally write an essay on my Moment because its pretty conformable to type on.

    @So-Lo Da Don

    I meant to say Intercept was 3.2, not Epic. My fault lol
  16. mikeb33

    mikeb33 Well-Known Member

    So it seems the Intercept is mostly the same as the Moment, but no flash, and a slightly different keyboard arrangement?
  17. Jim_Phone

    Jim_Phone Well-Known Member

    I find it much easier to type on a physical keyboard and much slower and more awkward to type on a virtual screen keyboard, even if the keyboard is large like on a HTC Evo. I use text messages a lot for business and personal communications and I am able to tap out text messages very quickly and effiicnetly with a horizontal slider keyboard like my old Samsun Rant had. I love Andorid and almost everything about the Evo except the lack of a physical keyboard. It feels really slow and dificult to type with either two thumbs or one hand on a touch screen keyboard. I have certainly gotten quicker and more efficient on the Evo in the last month or so since I have had it, butstill I fond it too slow and prone to errors compared to physical keys, where I rarely made a mistake.
  18. miamithrice

    miamithrice Active Member

    Well typing quickly on the Evo is a pain for me, and I could type pretty darn quickly and accurately on my old 3GS. The phone can't seem to keep up with my keystrokes (falls behind) and seems to get REALLY inaccurate (not registering keystrokes and/or inputting the wrong character altogether) when trying to type quickly. At leisurely typing speeds it does ok, however the on-screen layout leaves something to be desired. Maybe swype would help but I haven't bothered to deal with the hassle of installing it on my Evo. Not all on-screen keyboards are created equal, I can tell you that much. I can definitely see myself typing much faster on the Epic's hardware keyboard and with the bundled swype. The Epic already wins here, even though I haven't used it yet.

  19. iBleedBlackNgold

    iBleedBlackNgold Well-Known Member

    I tried swype on the evo and it was good I just prefer to navigate n view stuff in landscape. swype makes that a little difficult and all other methods of input, I.m.o suck. I have a need for being efficient when typing and on screen keyboard don't offer that. dpad also helps navigating documents a lot easier then tapping a screen trying to relocate. it was a pain on the evo for me
  20. ConceptVBS

    ConceptVBS Well-Known Member

    The good thing about the EPIC 4G is that it has 3 ways to input your keyboard:

    1) Swype

    2) Physical keyboard

    3) Touch keyboard

    So you have lots of options.
  21. Bigprimo

    Bigprimo Well-Known Member

    I like my moment thats why i'm upgrading to this bad boy when it comes out. If I didn't like my Moment I would probably be done with Samsung.
  22. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    Actually its 4 ways. For example when I enter my Text message app I can:

    - Use Swype
    - Type like a regular keyboard on thy Swype layout
    - Hit the Voice button on swype and speak the text
    - Use the physical keyboard

    ^^^ Nice! :)
  23. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Well-Known Member

    Yea there are a lot of texting options with the Epic. I currently have the Sprint Hero and i do love it. But I've had some mild problems with the lag for the physical keyboard on the hero. I have tried out the Evo's virtual keyboard and its like a breath of fresh air. Tho my main reason for going with the Epic is so I get a different android experience. Sense ui is great but I feel like I would be getting the same experience in a way with going with the Evo. Epic all the way! PS- virtual keyboard is not all that bad because i typed all of this on my Hero
  24. miamithrice

    miamithrice Active Member

    The question isn't if you can type something with a virtual keyboard; it's how quickly you can do it while being accurate. My iPhone 3GS's keyboard was superior to the Evo's despite the the smaller keys because the phone could actually keep up with every keystroke and register them quickly and accurately. If I try to type on the Evo's virtual keyboard as quickly as I did with the 3GS the phone falls 3-4 characters behind and sometimes inputs the wrong character altogether even though I KNOW I hit the correct key. Not all virtual keyboards are created equal, in my experience.

    P.S. In no way am I endorsing Apple/iPhone/iOS. Just speaking from my experience. ;)

    Edit: I just turned off vibration while typing and the responsiveness has increased considerably. Highly recommended to evo users biding their time (like me) until this bad boy is released.
  25. crow11ad

    crow11ad Well-Known Member

    When the Hero first. Came out I was stoked as I was moving from windows mobile to android best thing I did. But on the Hero (and this is to answer the post about keyboards) I tried to type and it worked. I would have sticken with Hero except for the issue of this was the first htc phone to use regular headphone jack and it had isssues. I exchanged it and the same thing so I exchanged for the moment. Didn't think I would after the instinct...but glad I did.

    The moment is good. The keyboard is nice....but having the space bar not in the middle of the letters will be nice...hello 5 row keyboard. Yes you can type on evo or iphone...but it comes down to options. Do I use the on screen keyboard on the moment...yes but I also use the actual keyboard.

    The problem witmy moment is the battery I litterly have to restart my phone every day. Some time it takes me 20-30 min to make a lie...but maybe that is why they are discontinuing the moment....the intercept is what the moment should have been and the moment is what the intercept has been. The evo is nice...very nice...I would have gotten that..but mu upgrade is not until oct and glad it is...hello yes I want a release date like the rest of us...price should be the norm...199 with new 2 year....glad I am on the sprint premiere...hello upgrade every year and 150.00 discount and mail in sprint is the best for the priceat what you get....unlike iphone hwhere you have to have a data plan on top of 69 thanks I will take unlimited mobile to mobile on any network...gps data texting tv radio...

    Sprint, android and epic 4g...oh my

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