current user owns money on shift 4g

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  1. Tellos

    Tellos Member

    ok i just got a 4g shift and reset it to factory to get turned on with sprint. they say the last owner still owes money on the phone, and i don't know who the last owner was, now what? is there anything i can do to clear the phone for reservice with sprint? Any help would be great

  2. crump

    crump Well-Known Member

    You have a phone with a bad ESN. The only way your going to be able to activate it on Sprint is to have the previous owner pay the outstanding balance and clear the ESN. If you bought it off Ebay and it wasn't marked "bad ESN" you could probably file a claim.

    There's not really much else you can do, other than flash it to a different carrier (boost, virgin mobile, cricket..)
  3. Tellos

    Tellos Member

    any clue on how i would do this? virigin would be fine or boost
  4. crump

    crump Well-Known Member

    There are ways to do it but it's going to take a decent amount of research and a little bit of hacking. You might want to look for how Evo user have done it, the process is probably similar. I've flashed a few blackberries over to boost in the past but the process is completely different.

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