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  1. cmadden262

    cmadden262 New Member

    ok I have a Curtis klu LT1041 and I cant get the android market to work on it can anybody help me out I need step by step instreactions on how to do it thank you Cmadden262


    ASK4ANGIE New Member

    I have a curtis klu is yours rooted if so can you help me or tell me how to root the lt1041
  3. SuperNoober

    SuperNoober Well-Known Member

    Open your list of apps & open settings.
    Scroll to the bottom of the list on the left side & choose about tablet.
    What does it say under build number?:captain:

    ASK4ANGIE New Member

    I need a root as well for this tab help

    ASK4ANGIE New Member

    BUILD NUMBER RK292X_ANDROID4.1.1-SDK-v1.00.00
    JRO03H 20130313
  6. SuperNoober

    SuperNoober Well-Known Member

    Follow the instructions here...

    FYI: The "root directory" or "root" for short is the first "folder" of your hard disk. It is represented by a forward slash / on android, linux, and unix computers. Root is represented by a backslash \ on windows machines. Many cell phones and tablets lock the user out of the root directory because it contains many essential files that your device would cease to function without. Unfortunately you must have access to the root directory to add Google Play to your device.

    The guide listed above uses the RK29 Root Toolkit provided by SferaDev at XDA Developers to root your device. The remaining instructions add Google Play.
  7. tp3000

    tp3000 New Member

    New user here-
    Just got a Curtis Klu LT1041-B from HH Gregg.
    Not sure I want to keep it or return so I need some advice.
    The onboard memory is 4GB and I have been told that since it is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean the operating system will not allow saving and running apps from an SD card. Is that true? Is it possible to upgrade 4.1 to a newer version on this device that will allow installing apps to the SD card? If not will rooting help? Never had a tablet so learning basics here.
    The guide listed above is not for the LT1041 - will it work anyway?
    I would really appreciate any advice.
  8. meaty914

    meaty914 New Member

    I used kingo-root worked perfect.

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