Custom Behold II Wallpaper

  1. Yostabon

    Yostabon Active Member

    How do I set my custom wallpaper as the wallpaper for each Home screen? Also is there anyway I can just set it without cropping it? I just got the dimensions of the file from the size of the screen.


  2. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    This section of the forum is for root and rom topics only! Please post your question in the general topics area of the forum. Thanx!
  3. Yostabon

    Yostabon Active Member

    Sorry. Didn't realize I was in this forum when I posted that.
  4. Android Fiend

    Android Fiend Well-Known Member

    You can use wallpaper plus.
  5. Yostabon

    Yostabon Active Member

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