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Custom Boot Animation Problems

  1. Neoinr

    Neoinr New Member

    Hi, I'm creating a custom boot animation for my Zenithink ZT-180 (Although the model doesn't really matter for the purpose of this thread). I have successfully installed others premade animations, and I have created mine with the pngs, folders, and desc.txt. I have checked and doublechecked everything howver when the zip is placed in the right place I just get a black screen on startup. I have attached the zip, anyone care to help? (Yes, I have checked my PNGs they are 24bit no alpha, named correctly, yes my desc.txt is correct to the best of my knowledge, I used notepad++ set to UNIX mode, the zip is correctly configured to store mode, i have tried both winrar and 7zip)
    Oh, I can't upload it, its having a database error
    EDIT: Ok, uploaded it to bootanimation.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

  2. Neoinr

    Neoinr New Member

    Got it, more notepad problems
  3. Dvalin21

    Dvalin21 Well-Known Member

    Neoinr, how would I even install a custom animation boot screen? And how detailed could I get with it?

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