[CUSTOM BOOT SPLASH][HOW-TO] Change VM's "Hello" screen!

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  1. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor


    How to change the Virgin Mobile "Hello" boot logo

    Customized PNG-2-RLE Batch Utility

    The splash screen on the Virgin Mobile Alcatel/PCD Venture is a bit trickier than others. Ive been researching this diligently for a couple months now, and Im thinking there is something goofy with the coding in the framebuffer, but im not quite yet brave enough to tackle a custom kernel. Anyway, i FINALLY was able to come up with a workaround for it, tested and working! If you follow my instructions EXACTLY, you will have a beautifully UNDISTORTED custom splash screen for your Venture! I put a LOT of time and effort into figuring out and making this workaround, so please dont be shy with that "thanks" button if my work helps you out! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on androidforums.com at: Dracable. Have fun!!

    P.S. PLEASE READ my README_VM_VENTURE.txt file that is in the root of the zip! It contains NECESSARY information to creating a working boot splash! If you dont follow step-by-step, your splash will be corrupt and completely distorted!


    Thanks to Yagya Gaire at Handy Information for the original (unmodified) source of the converter!

    :) Enjoy!!! :)

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  2. sunsuke

    sunsuke Well-Known Member

    nice job I will try out
  3. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor


    [photo of my splash for my ROM under development, "DRAndroid"]

    as long as people follow my customized instructions in the README_VM_Venture.txt, id be really surprised if anyone had any issues with this tool. i did lots of research and this is the easiest utility for creating a working splash. granted, the instruction u have to follow for my workaround is a tad lengthy, but i feel like i explained the process in detail enough so even not-so-advanced users shouldnt have too much of an issue getting a working splash. i guess only time will tell!! haha!

    please leave your feedback everyone! thanks!
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  4. varenHjames

    varenHjames Well-Known Member

    can you add your own picture?

    and is this for the shut down splash screen to?
  5. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    I think you're confused varen... Idk about u but I only have ONE 'hello' screen & its only on boot-up, not shut down. Of course you can add your own picture, silly!
  6. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    yeah, u can design your own custom image in photoshop or just resize an existing image you already have. detailed instructions are in the readme_vm_venture.txt inside the utility's zip. the power off screen doesnt actually have a splash. on power off, the stock animation plays the virgin mobile power off animation then shows a red "bye" on a black background. the red "bye" isnt actually a splash, it is part of the poweroffanimation.zip. there is no power off "splash".
  7. gamerrobot

    gamerrobot New Member

    Really wish I still had my Linux set up D:, I hate the "Hello" screen.. Might just have to have my gf DL it for me.. :/ darn this "60gb" hard drive :'(
  8. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    just send me a copy of ur boot.img and the image u want. ill pack it for u and send u back the boot.img with the new logo intact. PM me.
  9. gamerrobot

    gamerrobot New Member

    I only have the venture for internet and frankly I dare say it hardly works lol, uploading something is out of the question :/
  10. gamerrobot

    gamerrobot New Member

    well if my girlfriend follows directions i think it might work how would i go about getting you the image and the boot image?
  11. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    well, if u just tell me which rom u r using, i probably have the boot.img on hand for it.

    as for the image u want to use, send it in an email attachment to me. it needs to b 235 width by 320 heigth (235x320). ill modify it the rest of the way for u and pack it into the boot.img and send it back to u. check your private messages for my email address.
  12. GalaxDon

    GalaxDon Member

    Hi Dracable.

    Maybe you'll see my post... I hope...
    I have the same issue with my phone (Samsung SGH-T989)
    I know it's different from yours but maybe you can figured out why it appends to me also ?
    I'm not an expert with art graphics compression... ( I don't have photoshop... I've worked on with Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor
    Ok here's the link to see my original initlogo.rle
    .png from converted .rle with the app to convert it...
    and a pic of the origin splash screen of how it realy appears on my phone.
    It's kind different from what we can see when extracted and converted to png
    Ok thanks
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. roadkill42

    roadkill42 Well-Known Member

    he hasent been on here for over 6 months so u probly won't get Amy response from I have tryed no responce thought I let u know try talking to some one on xda
  14. GalaxDon

    GalaxDon Member

    Ok ! Thanks for info. I'll post in another thread...

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