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Custom Face beyond Watch Styler!

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  1. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    Hello guys

    I'm sure many of you know how you can customize your Gear's face using the Watch Styler app.

    However, as nice as the app is, the choices of design elements (hour, minute and second's hand, battery icon, Bluetooth icon etc...) are not very "sexy", to say the least.

    Here is how to go about customizing the Gear's face entirely to your liking.

    First go through the process of creating your custom face using Watch Styler. Select the background image of your choice, battery icon, Bluetooth, date, time hands, or whatever is that you wish the Gear to display.

    This will create a folder in the phone's storage, with all the elements in PNG file format:



    Copy the themeNameHere folder to your computer and modify each images to your liking, while retaining their original names. Once your designs are completed, paste and overwrite the existing folder with your new images.



    Have a good day



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  2. jejagua

    jejagua New Member

    Excellent writeup..thanks.

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