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  1. funston

    funston New Member

    Hi everyone. If there was an option to custom a case for your phone would you do it? I'm not talking bout those stickers that you put on your phone like from skin it or unique skin but ones that are printed right on a hard case. Case mate makes them but it is only available for the iphone and blackberry. If this interests you, could you please vote here. you dont have to leave your name or email, just vote for it:

    "I Make My Case" option for the HTC Evo 4G, please!

    I don't know how many votes you need but the more the better. Thanks

  2. techspark

    techspark Member

  3. funston

    funston New Member

    Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to pass. Not enough people are voting. Maybe no one is really interested in this? I don't know. Out of like all the people who viewed this post, only around 2 people voted. Oh well. Here's more information on it just in case:

    Case-Mate: I Make My Case
  4. wilgluck

    wilgluck New Member

    [FONT=&quot]Yes i got hard cases designed for purpose of shipping some critical equipments to overseas, It was designed exactly to my requirements and the quality was good and its very durable also and you can add also some styling to it.

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