Custom HTC HERO Rom 1.5 super FAST.

  1. mcmonkiez

    mcmonkiez Well-Known Member

    Folks ,

    I just install custom 1.5 HTC HERO rom on my hero and have to say its just amazing..

    phone have no LAG at all.. mean no LAG its just faster compare to the original rom comes with the phone.

    i never done the radio update as i had trouble last night using the custom radio i decided dont even go there..

    just update the 1.5 custom rom and its super fast.. and can say now when my iphone 3gs next to it no speed difference when scrolling and going into settings it even faster actually.

    i am just thinking when the official rom com out how fast that would be :p

  2. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    Hi - did you use the method? How is the the ROM different to the standard Orange one as far as interface/apps are concerned? Did you have to reconfigure internet settings etc? Thanks Phil
  3. nafe

    nafe Well-Known Member

  4. mcmonkiez

    mcmonkiez Well-Known Member

    yes i did the method.

    what i did was root using the following method.

    YouTube - How To - Root Your HTC Hero in One Click (

    and use this method to use 1.5 ROM

    How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Hero | The Unlockr

    donw load the 1.5 rom from here:

    i would advised dont even trying to update radio as i had so much trouble updating radio update so i am using the radio update which was shipped with the phone i'll wait for HTC update that automatically over the air.

    i am on orange when load the 1.5 orange logos and bookmarks was gone..
    apart from the everything exactly the same and couple of extra apps in the where u can adjust font settings of ur phone as well as the window open speed and stuff.

    camera .. now you can touch on the screen to do auto focus instead camera does it automatically in the original rom.. its like iphone 3gs u can touc the screen where u like camera to focus on.
    yes APN settings was delete but was easy to put them pack just going to settgins and add new apn which is orangeinternet to access the internet..

    Note: when you do update to 1.5 make sure do the backup then wipeout then install sd card update zip...
    but boy it is FAST.
  5. Hi... that doesnt look *too* hard to do. Not sure whether to do this or just wait for the Over The Air update in a few days :confused:

    mcmonkiez, could you do me a big favour and check if the custom rom (which includes the leaked update) runs g
  6. 3rd-Geer

    3rd-Geer Well-Known Member

    I'm super eager to do this...My only concern is after I do this and the real update comes in a few days (if it even does) how will the phone be effected???

    Also, will this update even come to US users over the air?? I'm assuming not and that we'll have to go to the HTC site to get it right?

  7. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Jeez, I am SOOOO tempted by this.

    How are the signal issues/sms issues on this build?
  8. ianr

    ianr Well-Known Member

    Slightly puzzled as the video doesn't show any significant improvement over my current system. Also that's far from a one-click install.. Will just wait for the proper one, seems pointless to go for a hookey one if the real one's due out soon, then a comparison can be done.
  9. dukeuk76

    dukeuk76 Member

    Tempting, but i think i will wait for the official update. Dont want to feck up my phone.
  10. sthein

    sthein New Member

    Hi, I just got my Hero about a week ago, and it already has 1.5 installed? Seems odd.
  11. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Not odd. All heros come with that.
  12. jonno

    jonno Well-Known Member

    We are waiting for 2.0 not 1.5
  13. jonno

    jonno Well-Known Member

    When people say 'a couple of days', will it be a couple of days? Do we know this for sure? I am extremely dissapointed that HTC have failed to let their customers know
  14. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    Not only don't we know for sure when the update is coming, we then have to rely on Orange to implement it:confused:
  15. jonno

    jonno Well-Known Member

    Oh great (not!) so it could still be weeks or months.... :(

    Makes this unofficial fix more tempting
  16. mcmonkiez

    mcmonkiez Well-Known Member

    All I got to say folks,

    No harm trying 1.5 is it?

    All I care is my hero is hero now lol

    1.5 and I m loving it the speed no lag when going to different home screen and application and I don't have to. use task kill application any more .

    Hero now so responsive then ever .

    Fantastic speed its truly faster then. 3gs iPhone when u switch application and settings well done 1.5
  17. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    mcmonkiez, were you able to easily restore all your apps (paid ones)?
  18. mcmonkiez

    mcmonkiez Well-Known Member

    i made backup of my all apps on sd card and once i upgrade to 1.5 i just restore all the apps using the same app onto my phone it was very simple.

    by the way..

    my orange reception also have better then before i can see full 5 bars of Gprs where i use to get only 3 bars.

    so i bet rom have made alot of improvement... its not orange network or t-mobile fault at all. its the handset with better firmware thats all it counts.
  19. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    This has been eating into me all day so as soon as I got home this evening I went for it - and - yeh IT WORKED! No problems at all with the method as described and now I have a super fast and smooth Hero (amazing that the lag is TOTALLY software related)!

    Thank you mcmonkiez for the inspiration otherwise I would have chickened out! I can't see any further benefit from the forthcoming official update as this seems to have all that is promised (including java).
    The only thing that is a slight problem with the new ROM is that when I add contacts to the favourite people widget, their photos won't show up - do you get this as well?

    Otherwise I would encourage anyone to do this, especially on UK Orange as who knows when the update will come and you can enjoy the Hero now as it always should have been.:):):)
  20. mcmonkiez

    mcmonkiez Well-Known Member

    i'm glad all went well with ur update 1.5 rom.. did you update the radio update too? i did not coz i had trouble updating the radio and thought just leave it alone.. lol

    apart from that love it the hero is proper HERO now u gets me.

    by the way no i can see all the fav photos on my in the widget no prob at all..
    even few of the pic are not in my album and they still showing up as my contacts sync with google ..
  21. thehand

    thehand Member

    Sorry for my stupid question... but whats the radio update for?
  22. mcmonkiez

    mcmonkiez Well-Known Member

    firmware is 1.5 but the baseband build is 146733

    1.5 just call by the one who create custom completed rom from the testing rom provided by to dev from HTC.

    check this out

    Analysis of the shipping 2.73.405.5 WWE update - Android @ MoDaCo

    new baseband also just released and looks like we might get official update tomorrow not 100% sure but lets see.

    1.5 is called from modaco dev.. however he just released 1.6 which is based on build baseband 2.73.405.5. 146733 released yesterday and he also released this evening: baseband rom 2.73.405.5.

    suppose to be more faster.. let you know once i upload that one.
  23. mcmonkiez

    mcmonkiez Well-Known Member

    radio update update better reception , wifi connection or other settings within the radio file..

    Each Android platform version is designed to run on top of a specifc version of the radio firmware. Typically, each successive release of the Android platform relies on a newer version of the radio firmware, so whenever you are planning to flash a new system image to your device, whether upgrade or downgrade, you should also update the radio firmware to the version expected by the platform. If you do not update your radio image, the system may encounter problems.
  24. RYDER

    RYDER Active Member

    what will happen if I install this ROM and then the upgrade comes from Orange/HTC?

    Will it mean they will not be able to upgrade the ROM?
  25. jimeller

    jimeller Well-Known Member

    Not sure if I understand correctly here but I'm currently running firmware version 1.5 as stated in the phone info thing. Are you talking about something else here??

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