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custom kernals + stock kernal

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  1. tezlewis1988

    tezlewis1988 Member

    If i ever wanted to try a custom rom with custom kernals, how easy is it to revert back to stock kernal, is it just the matter of flashing stock gingerbread 2.3 firmwire via flashtool?

    obv i would have to unlock my bootloader.

    i am just practising atm, i never thought it would be this simple, it looked so complicated from the start.

    I am currently running gin2jellybean, great rom! with stock kernal, i found just flashing the rom simple, but i want to maybe try some ics maybe in the future.

  2. crazymonkey5

    crazymonkey5 New Member

    Just go to xda and look up how to flash kernels on your phone model I.e. r800i

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