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Custom LeOS 2.5 is out

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  1. Pino13

    Pino13 Well-Known Member

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  2. Jake11

    Jake11 Member

    Dear pino,
    i've alrwady downloaded the leos 2.5, z root, root explorer and google app. i dont realy understand technical term if you could guide in the process as i have a 3gw101 ,leos 2.0 in i think. i ve seen other How to Install Leos 2.0?, PC driver installation error and GoogleApps/Market with LeOS 2 beta but noy realy understanding root and i dont know if my phone is rooted.

    Plz any help adn detailed xplain will be most welcome.
  3. qa.sense

    qa.sense New Member

  4. Pino13

    Pino13 Well-Known Member

  5. Pino13

    Pino13 Well-Known Member


    Try thi guide with pictures:
  6. EAgle_82

    EAgle_82 New Member

    how to change the theme?
  7. whitewolf69

    whitewolf69 Member

    If you are using the Lenovo home screen it is in the application area under theme manager. Otherwise if you are using something like LauncherPro in the top right of the screen oposite the time you will see the circle for the original home screen applications you need to press that and you will find them manger.
  8. atko

    atko Active Member

    Hello I dont't understood "application area under theme manager". I'm not able to find any theme manager application I have last LeUI 2nd edition. Please help me.
  9. matthew12345

    matthew12345 Active Member

  10. King_bob

    King_bob Well-Known Member

    It is possible to download themes, but only from the lenovo market, and there is a theme maker, but it is in chineese.

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