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  1. n2airz

    n2airz Well-Known Member

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  2. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Well-Known Member

    You could make some chump change if you sold those. Heck....I'd buy one. Assuming Im not broke at the time :D
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  3. contagous

    contagous Well-Known Member

    Yeah thats pretty damn sweet , nice job :) maybe you should go into mass production lol, apparently no one else is doing so lol
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  4. xkingofgodzx

    xkingofgodzx Well-Known Member

    I would deff buy one if the price is right. I would just like the android guy to be more green than turquoise.
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  5. Blacklight82

    Blacklight82 Well-Known Member

    Looks pretty cool. I'd buy one if the price was right.
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  6. mrspeedmaster

    mrspeedmaster Well-Known Member

    Nice dock. You can definitely sell that. I would add the tv-out cable to make it a portable media dock station.
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  7. n2airz

    n2airz Well-Known Member

    Cool Cool guys. I actually thought about selling them. I did a little research and that Droid logo and font is out, Can't use it. You can use the droid robot, but have to give credit too google. So I was trying to think of something else that would look cool in place and haven't come up with anything yet. lol
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  8. crazyg0od33

    crazyg0od33 Well-Known Member

    Why dont you put "Incredible" on there?
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  9. AHanks12

    AHanks12 Well-Known Member

    Personally, I don't really care what it says....I'm just tired of waiting for a freak'in dock for this phone!! I would def buy that if the price is right. Let me know, I'm in!!
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  10. n2airz

    n2airz Well-Known Member

    I guess because I always think to hard and usually look over the obvious :). I was kind of leaning towards that though, with a wicked cool font.

  11. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    You do that on a cnc?
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  12. n2airz

    n2airz Well-Known Member

  13. ramcharger1979

    ramcharger1979 Well-Known Member

    I would buy one.
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  14. n2airz

    n2airz Well-Known Member

    Looks like may need to order some aluminum. I never really intended too sell them. However if enough people want one. I will definitely do a run of 20 or so. I know my brother and his girlfriend want one for sure.
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  15. cuban11182

    cuban11182 Well-Known Member

    What are you estimating the price being?
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  16. Kaelin

    Kaelin Well-Known Member

    Now that is the nicest dock I have seen. I'd buy one if a case would fit. I'd buy 3 if I could get a tv-out cable in one.
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  17. kristanc

    kristanc Well-Known Member

    Depending on price we'd probably take two! Very cool!
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  18. n2airz

    n2airz Well-Known Member

    I thinly price would be between 25 and 30 bucks. I more than likely will just have an oversized hole where the cable goes so you can use your own(charging cable or media cable).

    As far as being able to fit a phone snugly with a case I would have to know the dimension. I wouldn't beable to make one overzized to fit any case because there are simply too many.
  19. justbrae1

    justbrae1 Well-Known Member

    Not to crap on your thread, but has anyone looked into the mikradles? They are available on ebay and look neat - but dont have a built in charging cord.
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  20. freddyttt

    freddyttt Well-Known Member

    n2airz im in for sure-

    i threw this together that i was quit happy with-

    now im embarrassed:(;)
    cost 7.00-

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  21. Diabl0

    Diabl0 Well-Known Member

    I'm in for one if you do make them! That's AWESOME! :)
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  22. UHF3

    UHF3 Well-Known Member

    n2airz, that's some damn fine designing and execution with the cnc machine!

    Might I suggest adding framework to the back and changing the angle that the phone is inserted so the the phone could be tilted back slightly for better viewing while seated. Looking at the side elevation of your deign I think that rear supporting framework would be a natural extension. BTW, this is just a thought and not a request or critique.

    @ justbrae1 - Yea, that's pretty crappy. Your comment would be better suited in a general cradles thread instead of someone sharing their custom work. Not to mention that the mikradle, while maybe functional, is very uninspiring to look at. n2airz's cradle is a piece of functional tabletop sculpture.

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  23. n2airz

    n2airz Well-Known Member

    Hey brotha

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Your cradle looks fine. I just happen to have a few awesome tools at my disposal. ;-)
  24. n2airz

    n2airz Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot buddy.

    Actually I totally agree with you. I didn't design with the intension of selling it. I just wanted something that looked cool that I throw my phone on to charge ;-). With that said, if you where going to watch a movie on it for instance, a slight angle would help alot.

    I have another load of metal being delivered this week I will make a few design changes to make it more functional.

    Also the next one will just have the word "Incredible" engraved on it. Damn patent and trademark laws :).
  25. Tech Addiction

    Tech Addiction Well-Known Member

    Just a suggestion but I think people would be willing to pay extra if you could put a short USB mini cable in there without the charger. That way you can still insert the phone and take it out with one hand and not have to pick the stand up to do it. The short cables could be bought in bulk for less than $5.00 each. Then you could use any usb wall charger with it. Anybody else? By the way, the demo looks outstanding but +1 on the tilt back for viewing.
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