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  1. nofinga911

    nofinga911 Member

    Is it possible to set a custom "Notification" sound??

  2. nofinga911

    nofinga911 Member

  3. omeneo

    omeneo Member

    find Ringdroid app on the android market and then you could set anything
  4. nofinga911

    nofinga911 Member

    I have ringdroid...I am talking about the "notification sound" (when you get a text message or voicemail) not ringtones for incoming calls.
  5. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

  6. nofinga911

    nofinga911 Member

  7. zookster

    zookster New Member

    What I would like to do is to have individual sounds for different people who send SMS'es. i.e. I want a sound for my wife when she texts me, but a different for this person and a different sound for that person. Is this possible? I do not think Rings Extended nor Ringdroid can do that?

  8. brodieman

    brodieman New Member

    you can set custom notifactions for different contacts in sms popup
  9. I'm having a problem with the text notification going back to the default notification after I set a custom sound. It seems to last a day or two and have not figured out when or why it changes back. I deleted the sound put it back on, converted to a .wav from a .mp3 and same problem. After a few days of working fine, it does not recognize the audio sound. Any ideas?
  10. Centerman

    Centerman Member

    I realize that this is an OLD thread, but "Rings Extended" on the Market is Free and it's the very best app to change every notification and ringtone. Been using it on my Captivate for months.
  11. I have successfully managed to set all alarm sounds, ringtones etc except for the one that is issued when the phone is asleep. When this alarm sounds (for a calendar meeting) the screen reawakes with an invitation to Snooze or "Drag down to dismiss". I also get two sounds. One for the meeting itself and another for the screen wakeup alarm. I can find and change the calendar alarm but where is the wakeup alarm?

    When phone is awake just the meeting alert is sounded.

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