Custom Quotes Widget using Google Tasks

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  1. eweber1969

    eweber1969 New Member

    I use Google tasks for all the lists in my life. One of my task lists doesn't actually contain tasks, but instead contains a huge list of inspirational quotes.

    It would be nice if there was a widget that could randomly (or sequentially) select one of the items in my task list (a quote), and display it.

    Currently all of the apps in the marketplace contain hardcoded lists of quotes that the customer is forced to use.

    There is only one app in the marketplace similar to what I described. It is called PQ Quotes and it sucks. It crashes all the time, and uses a txt file as a datasource.

    Nice features would include: transparent background, auto-adjust font size so that entire quote fits inside widget, multiple sized widgets (including 4x4), a random/next button on the widget so that I can change the quote.

    Here is a link to the Google Tasks API:

    Please, please, please won't someone make this widget for me.



  2. contiw

    contiw New Member

    Same here.
    Did you have any luck so far ?
    Walter Conti
  3. kr990

    kr990 New Member

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