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Custom Ring Tone for Text MessageSupport

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  1. BassnMan Mike

    BassnMan Mike Member

    First off, I've been a lurker for quite awhile now, great information site.

    Can I assign a custom ring tone for yext messages on my Infuse and if so how?

    Also, can I do the same for Calander events?


  2. bdp8lax

    bdp8lax Member

    Yeah you can do that all you need to do is put the custom ringtones or sounds on the sd card in the notifications folder in the media folder. That's how I have mine set up and I can use them for calender and message notifications
  3. Garen21

    Garen21 Active Member

    Kinda random, but isn't the notification sound really low? Whenever I get a text I can barely hear it.
  4. BassnMan Mike

    BassnMan Mike Member

    Thanks, thats simple enough.
  5. crazytank7

    crazytank7 New Member

    100% YES!!! if i am not right next to mine i can not hear it go off.:mad:
  6. Timmmeh

    Timmmeh Member

    Go to settings>sound>volume then adjust notification volume. It's out of the box setting is low. This is where you adjust all your volumes individually ie: incoming call,media,system, and notification volume. if it's still low then maybe the custom sound you chose isn't good quality b/c my custom notifications and ringtones are super loud. Hope this helps
  7. shann071090

    shann071090 Member

    ringolite with ringsextended apps
  8. dkandroid

    dkandroid New Member

    Do you have some instructions for a newb as to how to make this folder move? Thx :))
  9. RAP1656

    RAP1656 New Member

    I don't have a media folder or a notifications folder. Could it be because I haven't created a account yet?
  10. richram

    richram Member

    can you put ring tones on text messages for each contacs
  11. livingproof73

    livingproof73 Member

    I downloaded an app from the Market called GO SMS along with GO Launcher and the SMS program allows you to set individual sounds to contacts.
  12. mills2533

    mills2533 Well-Known Member

  13. th3ju99anaut

    th3ju99anaut Member

    I just download themed sounds from the Zedge app...

    I always wanted the "Mail Motha****a!!!!" from the movie "Euro Trip" and they had it....never changed it since. :)
  14. TonuStark

    TonuStark Active Member

    none of the suggestions above solved the question. Other then installing an app there should be a way to receive sms sound. While I have Ringtone and Notification working, notification is only for incoming gmail. So haw is the messaging tone set? it can not bes set in settings>sound the 2 selections are only for the 2 I've just spoken about.
  15. merrpanda

    merrpanda New Member

    When i set a custom ringtone to notifications for text alert, it doesnt actually work. The text alert is always the same little 'ding'. :confused: How do I get it to work?
  16. mills2533

    mills2533 Well-Known Member

    Since your gmail notifications seem to be working, that means you probably have the notification sound set in Settings.

    One additional place you need to set a tone is within the Messaging app itself. Go to Messaging. When you have your list of threads showing, tap the menu button and go to Settings. All the way at the bottom is a setting to select ringtone.

    The navigation may be different depending on what version of Android you are on but check the settings in the Messaging app instead of just in Settings > Sound.

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