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  1. DocBlue

    DocBlue Well-Known Member

    Can anyone explain why my custom ringtones play normally when I am choosing which one to use, yet once they are assigned as the ringtone they play as if they are Ascending Ringtones? I see no setting to adjust ringtone style (or I have been overlooking it for 3 days).

  2. morgankslade

    morgankslade Well-Known Member

    Welcome to AF. I am having the same issue with custom ringtones, also I cant seem to get a custom text notification ringtone for individual contact. My esteem did both. I hope to get this together, but no deal breaker.
  3. go into contacts edit contact you will be able to change ringtone from there hope this helped
  4. morgankslade

    morgankslade Well-Known Member

    I want a certain notification for daily Lottery text message. I have changed ringtone in edit contacts. Still gives default notification sound.

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