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  1. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    So you want some cool ringtones but the music you listen to isn't supported by Tmobile website... or the I'm too cheap to pay 1$ for a ringtone because I blew 200$ on my phone.

    Step 1. Get Audacity.
    Step 2. Find a file named Lame_enc.dll This is the mp3 encoder needed for audacity to export files as mp3 files.

    Step 3. Find something worth making a ringtone out of. Audacity has an excellent ability to record anything you can hear through your speakers. I instead just loaded the program.

    then open the mp3 file I wanted to use

    In this case I choose a file I recorded while I listened to it for the sole purpose of turning it into a ringtone.

    takes a sec to import it. Then Play the song to ensure it is what you want. Also note the time marks for when you want the ringtone to start and when you want it to end.

  2. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    Then you select the part you want to make the ringtone out of. I recommend selecting a second or two before the start and after the end. Then copy it using Edit or control-C.
    Goto File, New, then in the new window goto Edit and Paste.
    Trim the file to what you want.
    then when you have it how you want and what volume you want(dont go too loud else you get distortion. also watch out on heavy bass)
    then you goto File, Export as Mp3

    Make sure you fill out the IDv2 tag information. If you dont it is easy to lose what is what. I recommend naming it something like songnamechorus or songnamefirstverse so if you have multiple files off the same song you can tell which is which.

    Then locate your file if you didnt save it somewhere special. It will be located here

    Copy your ringtone to the SDcard for your phone using the USBcable to connect your phone to your computer. I created a Ringtone folder in the music folder for myself so I did not get them mixed up. You could also just make a folder named blah and place them in there. The key is to keep them seperate from your normal music else you accidently infect your playlist with silly ringtones.
  3. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    Now Obviously if you like an artist and they have a professional ringtone out there please support them. If you know a local band that doesnt have that option yet ask them if they mind if you snag something off thier myspace and make it a ringtone. Then offer the file to them so they could have it online for other fans.

    There are other good audio editing programs you can use to create just about any ringtone for your Android phone. Some of them offer the ability to warp or really edit the sound file.

    I hope this helps you get your android a little closer to your heart and closer to finding Sarah Connor.
  4. biblicone

    biblicone Member

    Or you can just pick one of your mp3 files and set it as the ringtone for the G1.
  5. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    Setting a mp3 file as a ringtone plays the whole mp3 though. This is to help those who wanted to setup the chorus or verse.. or heck anything they can hear as thier ringtone.

    But yes you can set the mp3 as ringtone so it will start the song when you get a call
  6. ericsscion

    ericsscion Active Member

    thanx for the program ...ive made a few ringtones already
  7. koffi

    koffi Member

    thanks for this, made one myself!
  8. JMack23

    JMack23 New Member

    Just go to, register there and they have a free ringtone maker that's so easy to use you won't even need a tutorial.
  9. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    does allow you to record anything you can hear on your computer be it streaming radio, video, youtube, or myspace or whatever and make ringtone out of it?
  10. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    I disagree, for two reasons:

    1. If I already have the mp3, I'm not paying for the same music again. It's my file, I have every right to chop it up and use it for my own personal use. It's not illegal unless I were to distribute it, or try to make money off of it, or used it in another project without properly crediting(and probably paying) the copyright owner.

    2. Artists don't make jack crap off of albums, mp3s, or ringtones. Unless they own the recording company, or are self-published, the record company makes most of the money. TOURING is what puts most of the money in an artists pocket. So if you want to support an artist, for real, go to their concerts.

    biblicone -

    Yes that's true, but if have 50 friends, and want 50 ringtones for them, do you really want to use 50 full length songs, or just chop them down to the size you need -- and thus -- save room on your card for video, pics, and music.
  11. sylo88

    sylo88 Member

    I just use .mp3 files as a ringtone. They work for me.
  12. Syrax

    Syrax Well-Known Member

    Kasmiur Thanks for the tutorial and the program. I'll definitely make some ringtones once I have some free time.
  13. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    I've discussed with my friends and associates at work the legalities and such of mp3's and personal rights(at great lenght since mp3's really hit the scene in '97) and from both sides. however this forum is not the place(feel free to message me though my position waivers as i'm anti-riaa but pro-artist/listener).

    Either way.

    Tonight I made a Barak Obama and Mccain ringtone. going to set it up so after I receive a text message they will chime in "I'm barack obama, I'm John McCain, (voices together) I approve this message"
    Still working on the timing and syncing them together but will rock once its done.
  14. shannanigans

    shannanigans Member

    or you can just download the ringdroid app and do it up on your fone. I tried it out this morning. works like a charm :)
  15. Cryptic79

    Cryptic79 VIP Member VIP Member

    For ringtones from existing MP3's, I use Ringster.
  16. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator


    You can make your own friggin RingTone right on the phone with your own music. I should close this thread because it pimps software that is unneccessary... RingDroid does all of this.

    But I'll let everyone argue my point or say "I AGREE"

    (waits anxiously for love or hate messages)
  17. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    I'm not able to sit and play with my phone at the moment so figured those with expierence with ringroid would know quickly.

    1. Does ringroid allow you to edit mp3/ringtone files to remove or add stuff(see my obama/mccain ringtone I'm working on)

    2. Does it allow you to take what you hear and turn it into a ringtone IE record something off the radio or something along those lines.

    3. after 90 days of the android launch the apps in the market place will start having a cost associated with them. Will ringroid still be free or will they charge 3-6 or 7-10$ for it from future android customers?(of note the app I pimp is free to download and use and is open source)

    4. Does Ringroid allow you to change volume of the mp3 file when its playing or selectivly decrease or increase parts?

    I plan on playing with ringroid.. I imagine while it does many things on the fly that would be useful and neat for those seeking more control or options to manipulate another option may be needed but both could exist equally in the same area
  18. Quirk

    Quirk Active Member

    ringdroid? I have not seen that in the application list? or is it an application that goes on the pc?
  19. Horton

    Horton New Member

    Audacity is great, but there's a free online service (a bit less complicated) which allows you to do the same:
  20. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    Still havn't played with ringroid yet however its not a big deal either way. If you feel this does not help android users or doesnt fit in the forum then its ok.

    if I get around to playing with ringroid and find an easy way to take SS of G1 screens will setup a tutorial for that.
  21. mr_frillows

    mr_frillows Member

    I use Virtual DJ for my ringtones. It gets the job done the same yet it also allows you to use different effects as well. I find it kind of fun to be able to do that :D
  22. Kasmiur

    Kasmiur Member

    incase anyone wants a copy.. here is what I was working on.

    John Mccain and Barack approve my text messages:)

    for those world of warcraft fans..

    Also when creating a ringtone using any program I find getting the right volume is key. you want it to be loud but not too loud or distorted. You would be amazed what increasing it a decibel or two would do.
  23. teilo

    teilo Member

    Some hints on using Audacity to tweak your ringtones:

    1) After cropping down to just the audio you want, Normalize (Effect, Normalize) the audio to 0 db. This will raise the overall volume of the clip, and will help dramatically for quieter audio. If your audio clip changes volume significantly, you may wish to play with the Leveler, or Compressor effects to help adjust it to your liking.

    2) To give your clip a professional touch, select a small section at the beginning of the track and chose Effect, Fade In. Then select a small section at the end of the track, and choose Effect, Fade Out. This will give you a smoother sounding tone, so that it doesn't start and stop abruptly. The amount of audio you select determines how slow it fades in or out.

    3) And to be a good citizen, export your file as an .ogg, instead of an .mp3, and support open formats! :)
  24. Edaze55

    Edaze55 Well-Known Member

    Which phone do you have?
  25. proverbs2016

    proverbs2016 New Member

    Yes, but how to you apply the ringtone to a contact?

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