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  1. gravity

    gravity Member

    Hello chaps!

    I received my Galaxy today after much waiting around for O2 UK to make it available.

    I've been perusing both the Galaxy and other Android device forums and it seems that there's a huge amount of difference between how to get custom ringtones / notification sounds working between different phones.

    Has anyone got it working on the Galaxy yet? I'd love to replace the standard sounds with Zelda ones :D


  2. Vap1d-

    Vap1d- Well-Known Member

    You can create any of the following folders in the root of either your internal or external sd and custom sounds in these folders will be usable.

  3. gravity

    gravity Member

    Thankyou so much - I saw that in the Magic forum but wasn't sure if it would work on the Galaxy, as there was something different listed in the Hero forum.

  4. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

  5. dennism

    dennism Member

    I connected my phone to my PC via USB in order to transfer an mp3 ringtone file. I had then explicitly to allow file transfer ("USB Connected. Select to copy files to/from your computer") to my phone's file system. Once in that mode, I noted that music normally available on my phone via the Music app was not found - Android makes file storage available to the PC, but not to the phone at that point.

    Accordingly, I had to unmount my phone (umount /media/NO_NAME on Linux) before the Ringtone Selector app in Settings was able to find my new ringtone file.
  6. ressu

    ressu Well-Known Member

    It is always recommended that you unmount the drive from the computer before disconnecting the device. (on windows use "safe remove" feature). This is because the data isn't always written directly to the drive but instead is kept in the computer memory. Unless the computer sees a need to flush the cache, the data on the disk and on memory might not be the same.

    On windows this has been solved by syncing the data at the end of a file copy. This allows the users act stupid and pull the device from the computer without thinking about data integrity. On linux life isn't as simple. The data is synced on demand (either by the kernel or manually by the user). Unmount does a forced sync and writes the data to the disk.

    In your case, what i assume to happen is that the file was copied to the disk but the filesystem wasn't updated to match the data on disk and that data was then lost when the device was disconnected.
  7. chmod

    chmod Member

    Hi there,

    when I plug my phone on coputer (Linux or Windows) and click on "Turn on usb storage" on the phone, it allways show two NO_NAME.

    It realy works that way or am I doing something wrong?

  8. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

    or you can get one of the apps that'll let you set any audio file anywhere in your filesystem as an ringtone/alarm/notification
    examples include "tone picker" and "rings extended", tho' there are more

    that's normal behaviour, you can't use 1 drive with 2 devices simultaneously (unless it's some quite special kind of drive)

    one is the phone's internal memory and one is your external memory card
  9. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    Those are just volume lables. You can rename them. In Windows just select the drive in Explorer and press F2.
  10. chmod

    chmod Member

    yes, I`ve allready noticed that one is internal memory and other is the card.

    I was using Nokia before buy this Galaxy. And with Nokia things are a little bit different. When you plug your phone as a connected device, it works like ONE connected device an it is your external memory card... Guess I prefere the Galaxy way.

    Thanks anyway!
  11. pindemad

    pindemad Member


    My custom ringtones have disappeared after I copied some mp3's to the external sd card via usb connetion to pc.

    I have disconnected my phone from the pc & restarted the phone - but still no custom ringtones.
    Also I seem to remember an option in settings->sd card with mass storage on/off - this option is not visible on my phone since last upgrade (IK4 via Odin)
  12. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

  13. trin

    trin Member

    I'm having a similar problem,
    every time i connect my galaxy, no matter how i unmount it (from the pc or phone first) i loose all the setting i had for contact specific ringtones.

    Has anyone had this problem?
  14. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

    yes, all the ringtones/alerts/notifs change to seemingly random audio files after an usb mount - i haven't got a solution to this (anyone?)

    there's a workaround tho':
    if you're not copying/moving too much stuff (or aren't in a hurry), you can use one of the ftp clients (i've used estrongs file manager's samba ftp function personally) to do it via wifi and have your settings remain as they were
  15. 5th

    5th New Member

    If you have a mp3 in your music list, play that or select it, select menu, use as ringtone.

    Hope that helps...
  16. banies_19

    banies_19 New Member

    To change Call Ringtones :
    create a folder "Ringtones" on the SD CARDS and enter the song that will be used as ringtones. then check the ring tone settings ... it will work fine... :D

    To change Messages Ringtones :
    create a folder "media\audio\notifications" on the SD CARDS and enter the song in folder "notifications" that will be used as ringtones. then check the ring tone settings ... it will work fine... :D

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