Custom ROM backup/restore software required for Samsung Galaxy SL I9003

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  1. soodgautam

    soodgautam New Member

    Can anyone suggest a Custom ROM backup/restore software for Samsung Galaxy SL I9003

    Tried Nandroid backup - did not work I9003 is not supported.

    Thanks a lot in advance

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  2. soodgautam

    soodgautam New Member

    I just said bye bye to Symbian and joined the android bandwagon

    I have SG I9003, currently running on Firmware 2.2.1

    Okay i have 3 doubts

    1) is 2.3 (gingerbread) released (beta/official) for I9003 ??
    2) is there any custom ROM for I9003 - if yes please help me out (tried Nandroid - i guess it does not support I9003)
    3) is it worth the effort to go for custom ROM from 2.2.1 or just wait for 2.3

    Thanks in advance
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  3. parth22

    parth22 New Member

    hey guys i got this phone galaxy sl around 3weeks frm now....i really dont like d battery life f the phone...around a day on moderate usage.. and on heavy usage barely 6 hrs...i took al measures f saving this normal in this phone????and i ve not yet rooted my phone...will some programs aft rooting help to get better battery life?
  4. eightyfish

    eightyfish New Member

    I get the same usage out of my 9003. Only solution is to carry a spare battery.I've seen some high capacity batteries on ebay but not sure if they're genuine.
  5. souravbasak7

    souravbasak7 Member

    guyz wid froyo in ur ph the battery support is supposed to be weak... nt only on the samsung i9003 bt on any device running froyo.. the battery management is nt at all gd..
    whereas in gingerbread that issue has been fixed..
    and as for back up and restore.. ur ph must be rooted.. try SuperOneClick.
    and try out Rom Manager.. its available on the android market place fr free...
    and no custom ROMs have released as of now for the i9003
  6. sgsl9003

    sgsl9003 New Member

    flash it with XXKB3 which is european firmware it has good battery life with normal usage I get 24-30 hrs life, if you can wait gingerbread XXKPE is around the corner & that will have better life for sure with the external mods.
  7. kit7207

    kit7207 New Member

    why i download.....the apps uc url v7.9 ......cant be download complete...that go 99% and stop they....who's one can help me? hp root already.....
  8. alvin.durant

    alvin.durant Member

    how to install CWM on galaxy sl and how to use chainfire 3d.
    POST some links for tutorial please!
  9. priyesh103

    priyesh103 Member

    hey anybody have custom rom for samsung galaxy sl i9003...

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