Custom ROM for Micromax A70

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  1. theperfectpunk

    theperfectpunk Well-Known Member

    I have just bought the Micromax A70 (Android 2.2.1) , it has front facing camera and 3G HSDPA. I was wondering if it was possible to cook a custom ROM which will enable video calling on the phone or any other alternative with which video call can be enabled.

    Please Help!

  2. sbhuvan

    sbhuvan New Member

    hi buddy ...I too bought micromax A 70 ... is your bluetooth allows you to send files to other devices ...I can receive files but i cant send ..... can you help in this ,...please
  3. aashish30

    aashish30 New Member

    can u plz tell me the full specifications about the mobile and specialy whts the ram & rom size of a70 plz reply me as soon as possible because i wnt to buy this phone and plz sugest whther to buy or not
  4. arifathar

    arifathar Member

    I was able to use fring to video call using the front camera also.

    Its Working,Working!

    All you gotta do is close fring and go to camera and select the option to use front camera and then viola fring
    will use the front camera, until you select the back camera again.

    All you need to do it fire up Fring, then quit it , open the camera and switch to the front facing camera, and then reopen Fring, Voila Video calls will

    now work

    Note : if Video calls don’t work : jump into bring settings and make sure video calls is ticked. Thats all , we tested it and it works fine.
  5. aashish30

    aashish30 New Member

  6. shaanbhaya

    shaanbhaya Member

    HAY GOOD NEWS...I THINK A70 IS REBRANDED Geeksphone Zero...and it has cyanogen support...
  7. anagh6

    anagh6 New Member

    There is already a custom rom for micromax andro A70.But it has many bugs and there is no updates for it.
    I waited long time for a non buggy version ,but there is none available.
    Will anybody help me to build a CM7 custom rom or will anybody build it for me.
    The stock os is very sluggish and i dont have previous experience of building a custom rom. Pls.. Help ...
  8. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    Another custom is released check the a70 forum
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  9. arnabghosh

    arnabghosh Well-Known Member

    I want to buy rhis phone i have 10,000 .....u plz say me which phn i buy...:(
  10. arnabghosh

    arnabghosh Well-Known Member

    its that phone is good in that price range i have 10,000 money but i am confused which phone i should buy ........
    I want good net,gameing,and also add work fast ,,,,plz help me which phone i buy?;(
  11. arnabghosh

    arnabghosh Well-Known Member

    i want to buy this phone and tell me about this,gaming,how many shortcut u use in frntscrn tell me plzzzz
  12. vijay bhaskar

    vijay bhaskar Member

    Dont buy this!! it's better you take some branded one! :)

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