Custom rom for NEC Terrain?

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  1. jungleexplorer

    jungleexplorer Well-Known Member

    I just bought this phone for my son who is a paramedic and has already destroyed the new S3 I bought him for Christmas. I have not even received it yet but from what I have read about it, it comes with a ton of bloatware. I was wondering if there are any custom roms or flashing guides available for it.

  2. bstrohl

    bstrohl Member

    The Terrain is rugged.
    So far no one has been able to root it. Some XDA guys have been working on it.
    You can't delete the stuff but you can disable it.
    Finally, I don't think that it is a ton of bloatware. I killed more Android stuff than ATT/NEC. Also, I know people who use some of the stuff I killed, so it is a matter of taste.
  3. Kharl

    Kharl Well-Known Member

    Yes, some of those, some people find it useful

    in my case, I tested it one by one and I finished disabling all att apps, I didn't need it or I had better ones..
    this is the advantage of the recent android versions... (compare to android 2 and older) you can disable it!

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