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  1. Doopie

    Doopie Member

    I have rooted my Galaxy S2 GT I9100 months ago and was running on default ICS version which is 4.0.3

    BaseBand Version = I9100XXLPW
    Build Number = IML74K.XWLPD

    Now i want to install some custom ROM on it cos of poor battery timings and idk why my mobile stucks and few apps crashing , so my Q is here that can you please tell me which is the most stable Custom ROM out here :)

    And also do i have to match the kernel version while doing custom rom ?

    Thank You !

  2. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Well-Known Member

    never ask for the best custom rom. What i think is the best rom may not be your favorite. You'll have to try some and see which works best for YOUR phone.
  3. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    I like cyanogenmod 9 which I am running at the moment but I think you can run cyanogenmod 10 ....

    You will find that some roms are better than others depending on who has compiled it

    I have 7 different roms for my phone but I only like 2 ..... cm9 and the 0ne v4
  4. Doopie

    Doopie Member

    Thanks for the Reply guys.. so the thing which come to my mind that i have to check few of them to see which one is more stable for me and which is not ... alright then lets see ...
    But again , my other Question is still there , do i have to find that kernal file as same as my mobile version ? which i did when i was rooting my mobile or i just have to download the ROM and install it ?

    BTW i already did the backup with Recovery Mode!
  5. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    I'm not sure with your phone ....but what I did was search on google for roms to suit my phone
    So I searched.......custom roms huawei sonic u8650
    I then went through the list of roms

    cyanogenmod 7.2 ......this worked but not much good on the net

    cm7 jelly bean ..... which was a waste of a download (just themed to look like jb)

    cm9 (what i'm using now).....this is really good but the camera doesn't work (software issue)

    The 0ne v4 by sbsy94 ....this is also very good everything works

    And 3 others that worked ok but were still like the standard rom
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member


    The same question has been answered here, today, on the, "All Things Root", section of the forum.

    Each custom ROM will come with its own kernel. You can, if you want, also flash a custom kernel afterwards. I would recommend a Titanium Backup to go with your nandroid one.
  7. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    *moved to Samsung Galaxy S2 (International) > Galaxy S2 (International) - All Things Root *
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  8. Doopie

    Doopie Member

    Thanks long as i understand it that i don't need to do anything as i had to find the same kernel version while rooting this mobile..For installing the custom Rom we just have to download the Rom and install it according to instructions...well if its like that then i m going to try one today for sure...

    And Thanks Moderator for moving the thread in proper section..
  9. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    You are confusing rooting with flashing a custom ROM. They are two entirely different processes. Rooting just replaces the kernel. ROM is the whole firmware.

    Just make sure that you read through the installation instructions for your chosen ROM, slowly, carefully and thoroughly and above all, do a nandroid and Titanium backup, as well as efs folder, as described in post #2, here, before doing anything else, as these are your, "get out of jail, free", cards. ;)
  10. Doopie

    Doopie Member

    Thanks Ironass for updating me with every single bit of it , yeah u r right its confusing and now i m confused lol
    well i have found this on xda and as my Build No is IML74K.XWLPD and baseband version is I9100XXLPW, so for having a NEAT ROM , i need to download
    Neat ROM v1.9.1 XWLPD, from this page ? or the "7th October 2012
    UHLPY NeatRom Lite v3.4" ?

    i know i know , its kinda annoying for you to keep telling me but well i need help :p

    Thanks ...
  11. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    OK Doopie, lets try and un-confuse you. ;)

    Rooting is replacing your phones firmware kernel with another kernel that contains root. Therefore you need to match, as closely as possible, the rooted kernel version with the existing kernel version so that it will work with the existing firmware.

    Flashing a custom ROM or stock, Samsung, firmware replaces everything on your phone, including the kernel, and so there is no need to match up anything as regards to firmware, kernel, versions.

    Therefore, you can flash any NEAT ROM version you wish.

    Hope that makes things clearer.
  12. Doopie

    Doopie Member

    phewwww thats a relief ....
    well i have downloaded CM9 so going to install it in few mins and if i get my success in this then you know when u are successful in one thing then u want to try more n more n MORE :p

    Thanks for Replying --- Wish me Luck :]
  13. Doopie

    Doopie Member

    i have done it :p

    Thanks Iron ! :)

    Now i ll try more ROMS :D
  14. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Doopie! :congrats:

    Hopefully you made nandroid, Titanium and efs backups.

    Just bear in mind the phrase that appears in all the, "Dummies Guides"...

    ironass motto... "Flash in haste... repent at leisure"
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  15. Doopie

    Doopie Member

    idk about nandroid but i did make some titanium backups (y)
  16. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Post #9


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