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  1. Mohanmohan

    Mohanmohan Active Member

    Hi ppl.. Am new to this forum..
    Build number : ddkp1
    Please someone guide me to flash custom Rom on my newly purchased galaxy s i9003..
    Thanks a lot..

  2. Mohanmohan

    Mohanmohan Active Member

    No one has the reply?
  3. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hello Mohanmohan :ciao: Welcome to AF!

    Are you rooted? If not, check this thread out and also this thread. The 2nd link also has some instructions for flashing a rom on your phone. Most of the time, there will be instructions for flashing a rom in the thread for that rom. You can find all the roms for your phone here.
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  4. Mohanmohan

    Mohanmohan Active Member

    Thanks a lot..

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