Custom Roms for Moto Citrus?

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  1. mike97112011

    mike97112011 New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I have been searching for days, google search upon google search, forums from forums, even youtubed. I cannot for the life of me find a custom rom for the motorola citrus. Yes I know its not a popular android phone, even the motorola site doesn't have much support for this device. I recently rooted the device via superoneclick with no problems, but I cannot find a single rom for this thing. I can't even find support for installing live wallpapers. This is very frustrating and I'm considering un-rooting the thing because not having a custom rom defies my point of having it rooted at all. The only thing I've really been able to do was overclock the cpu which only runs at 528MHz:mad:. I've even tried the famous cyanogenMod... Nothing for this phone... Does anyone have anything??? All this is very frustrating.

    Thanks for any help!

  2. mziminski95

    mziminski95 Member

    I know how you feel. I'm the same way. The one thing I want to do with the phone is somehow get 2.2 because as you know, the Citrus only has like 100MB of internal memory. So I need to get 2.2 for the apps to sd. I can't for the life of me find it. Hopefully someone can help us.
  3. HeartThrob

    HeartThrob New Member

    Yeah. I'm stuck in the same boat and forgot to bring along my paddle. There seems to be no reason to root this device because, once you do, there's nothing really of worth to do with it rooted! I haven't even been able to get ClockworkMod Recovery working on this thing and don't want to go further without having a backup flash of it. Ugh, what a bummer.
  4. secondfate

    secondfate New Member

    hey how did you manage to overclock the cpu? I haven't been able to figure out how to do that...
  5. dannyboy42670

    dannyboy42670 Member

    Use SetCPU. So are there any roms?
  6. mega wheelie

    mega wheelie New Member

    does ANYBODY know the clockwork mod model for a motorola wx445? (motorlola citrus)

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