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Custom ROMs on the Shine Plus are finally here!

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  1. dsi

    dsi Active Member


    Thanks to geitnowmarketing's test recovery image, I managed to boot into a custom recovery menu for the LG Shine Plus and get a Nandroid backup. Was able to restore the Nandroid as well. And... managed to get a custom ROM working.

    The following instructions will show you how to load custom ROMs onto your device, as well as how to restore your device back to original condition.

    As a bonus, there are instructions provided to create your own custom ROMs!

    A. Root your device

    To do this, you first need to root your device using the Z4Root or the Universal Androot apps. Just google for them. I used z4Root because it easily allows you to unroot as well.

    B. Flash Custom Recovery Menu

    Next, follow the steps below:

    Paraphrasing getitnowmarketing's original instructions -

    C. Flashing Your First LG Shine Plus Custom ROM

    Finally, here's a sample custom ROM I made:

    For Android 2.1-update1:
    dsixda_shine_plus_2_1_deodexed.zip (deodexed version - for theming)

    Options included:
    - Rooted (unsecured boot.img)
    - Rooted (Superuser.apk + su)
    - ZipAligned
    - Removed starting boot sound
    - BusyBox installed
    - BusyBox run-parts support
    - Nano text editor installed
    - Bash shell support

    Just copy this ROM to the root of your SD Card and flash it from the recovery menu.

    D. OPTIONAL: Restore to Stock ROM

    If you want to go back to the stock ROM, with no rooting, modifications, etc., just flash this:

    Stock ROM for Android 2.1-update1

    Just copy this ROM to the root of your SD Card and flash it from the recovery menu.

    If you ever want to restore your system to pure stock state and be able to receive the latest updates to your phone, then restore both the stock ROM *and* the stock recovery!

    E. OPTIONAL: Restore to Stock Recovery Image

    Here is a link to the original (stock) recovery image in case you ever want to get rid of the custom recovery menu:


    Unzip the archive to get the recovery.img and copy it to your SD card. Ensure you still have root (Superuser app) on your device, as well as the 'flash_image' binary installed (mentioned at the top).

    Then, in your terminal, type:

    F. OPTIONAL: Windows Drivers (for ADB)

    If you want access to your Shine Plus using ADB then you need to install the LG drivers to your PC:


    G. OPTIONAL: Stock Components for "Cooking
    " with the Android Kitchen

    Below is the stock system.img and boot.img for the Shine Plus... I've removed the superuser stuff. You can use these to make your own custom ROM with my Android Kitchen (at xda-developers.com) :

    For Android 2.1-update1:


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  2. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    Did you include oc capabilities??
  3. dsi

    dsi Active Member

    I think that requires a modified kernel. We'd have to wait for the Ally devs to do that for us.
  4. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    Alright, well thanks a lot!
  5. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    Also, how do you use connectbot to access recovery??
  6. dsi

    dsi Active Member

    Just download the app - then when you start a session, type "su" and "reboot recovery".
  7. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    Right I was just confused with the ssh
  8. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    backing up now!
  9. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    Just flashed your deodexed rom, and it's working great!
    dsi likes this.
  10. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

  11. dsi

    dsi Active Member

  12. cbstryker

    cbstryker Active Member

    This is awesome, keeping my eye on this. Will try soon with the wife`s Shine Plus.
  13. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    Dsi key combo to boot recovery is not coded in recovery. You guys will need to experiment to find it as it seems it differs from ally Newer optimus phones use vol_down + home + power (this hard resets ally) . Dsi yank me a kernel config please from shine. Adb pull proc/config.gz

    Source for alohag ie shine plus is in ally source too. So it should be trivial for me to build a mirror of my ally kernel for it.
    350Rocket and dsi like this.
  14. dsi

    dsi Active Member

    Cool, good to know. I was trying some different key combinations last night to no avail, but will try again when I get home. Will send you the info at night. I'll be going on vacation next week (taking the Shine Plus, leaving the Nexus One at home) so hopefully we can get this device super-charged by then!
  15. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    One other bit of info download android system info and got to cpu and post the freqs listed. I need to determine the pll config for overclocking.
  16. dsi

    dsi Active Member

    You want the "Frequency range" and "Current Frequency" only, or also the Frequency Stats (which shows all the different values at different times)?
  17. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    The theme installed fine up until the framework, where it just gets stuck on an endless loop and never installs. This may be because of my deodexed rom, though it may just be that it's incompatible with the Shine Plus. Also, if anyone can find a working framework xml installer that works with metamorph to install a black status bar, let me know!
  18. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Quick question. I tried doing the above procedure with the deodexed ROM, but when I do the flash_image string, it gives me a message saying I don't have enough disk space. Is there something I'm missing? Should I really do it through terminal emulator on the phone itself or through adb shell would also work?

    I left the phone on charger and opened until tomorrow in case I messed something up.

  19. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member


    Installed the framework for the theme I posted by plugging my phone in with debugging USB, and now all the apps crash upon startup, and then my phone reboots, so I'm gonna try a restore

    EDIT: I'm having issues restoring the phone, as it's asking me to run the restore through ADB which isn't working. However, vol_down + home + power does access the recovery without a hard reset

    EDIT: After tampering with it, I screwed the recovery, which is now gone, and I'm stuck with a bricked phone. SOOO, looks like I'm going to put my exchange plan to good use and replace the phone with a Desire.

    EDIT: I got recovery working again! But... Nand restore is failing...
  20. dsi

    dsi Active Member

    This works! Thank you.
  21. dsi

    dsi Active Member

    See attachments for config.gz and the CPU Frequency info.

    Thanks again

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  22. dsi

    dsi Active Member

    Why is it failing? I can give you a backup if you need it.
  23. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    It's telling me to connect it to ADB, which isn't working either
  24. dsi

    dsi Active Member

    You mean while the Nandroid is restoring? I don't understand.
  25. TheSobadef

    TheSobadef Active Member

    When I press nandroid restore, it starts up, then says error, connect to ADB

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