Custom ROMs on unrooted HTC Hero

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  1. ty0skates0

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    Feb 14, 2010
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    i have a CDMA hero though ntelos. Ive found how to root it but when i type adb devices it shows my device then offline and then i type some thing like adb shell its says error offline so i cant root it. Is there Any way to fix that? I dont really care about root apps i really just want Roms. Can i use custom Roms with out being rooted.. if so how? I can see my serial number but after it it says off line then i try to type adb shell and it says error: device offline.

  2. tatonka_Hero

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    Nov 12, 2009
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    no, you can't put a custom ROM on without rooting.

    EDIT: There's a procedure to use if it says "device offline", and it's this: "If you've been following this guide you will see your phone's serial number. If you get "device not found" error, you either need to make sure you the drivers were properly installed or make sure you enable USB debugging AFTER you connect the USB cable. Continue on once you get the proper phone serial output."
  3. Robchaos

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    Nov 18, 2009
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    I had an issue with my phone not being recognized when I'd first plug it in.
    As tatonka stated, make sure you installed the HTC sync drivers, and make sure USB debugging is checked. If it still doesn't see your phone try this:
    Plug in your phone, pull down the taskbar and click on HTC Sync. As soon as your phone starts to attempt to connect, hit back to cancel. Try ADB Devices then and see if it comes up.

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