Custom Stratosphere ROMs & Themes

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  1. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

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  2. Diversebydesign

    Diversebydesign Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this update Scur. It is reminiscent of the one on Rootzwiki and something that I was thinking we needed here as well. I'm glad you took it upon yourself to put this together.
  3. dcooterfrog

    dcooterfrog Well-Known Member

    I created a greener for ts 1.4 but i don't know where I can post it
    that one is for ts1.0
  4. dbeauch

    dbeauch Member

    looks like this listing needs to be updated. RC1P0 is now obsolete, latest version of TI-X is 1.2b....

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