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  1. Goonsquadx8

    Goonsquadx8 New Member

    I'm cooking my own rom and im using froyobread as a base for it. im making it 100% different and other theme and lockscreen from froyobread so id like to remove the "froyobread" branding on the lockscreen. but how to do this ?

    it's android 2.2 and ive asked permission from doixanh aswell and gotten a ok. so after 5-6 hours of non stop googling, after searching xda forums and androidforums and alot of other pages ive turned to irc.

    screenshot the text at the bottom needs to be removed.

    it all seems to point to eri.xml but in that file i cant see anything that would change the text in anyway ?!

    so please help.

    Best regards,

  2. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    Isn't it just a small border saved in framework.apk as a picture or something ? I think I read something about that somewhere :p
  3. EvrStngNevDwn

    EvrStngNevDwn Member

    u sure u get the permission ? if so, why dont u ask him how to remove?
    you say you are cooking rom & still dont know how to remove the TEXT ?
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  4. Goonsquadx8

    Goonsquadx8 New Member

    Solution: Inside /system/framework there is a file called android.policy.jar use baksmali.jar and smali.jar to decompile file and the compile it back after you have edited the lockscreen.smali file.

    And to your statement im cooking rom and don't know how to remove that text, go ahead and start cooking and know EVERYTHING from scratch. also make a non edited video for evidence that it is you and that you arent looking in tutorials and or asking for help.

    And yes im sure i got the permission i got the emails from that dev as proof for it, and we speak on a daily basis aswell and i get hint's and tips.

    But thank you for your help <insert lots of sarcasm here> :rolleyes:

    @Lupajz: thank you for trying, it wasnt the correct solution but you at least gave a serious reply unlike others ;)

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