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customize status bar

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  1. Viper023

    Viper023 Member

    im currently having trouble customizing my status bar icon. i would like to customize the battery icon to either the default droid 2.2 battery icon or i different that i have download.

    i kept on reading that i should use metamorph to achieve this process but im not having such luck. im putting the icon pack in "AndroidThemes" folder and unpacking the them and installing it, rebooting the phone, but it neve seems to work?

    im currently running nonsensikal v16.1 (black/blue) on droid eris 2.2

    any suggestions?

  2. tombarr

    tombarr New Member

    This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but the application StatusBar+ on the Android Market is a custom status bar for non-root users that applies system-wide. Its icons differ significantly from those in AOSP.

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