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  1. AlexKilpatrick

    AlexKilpatrick New Member

    I recently picked up a new note 3 and an S-View case. I like the S-view functionality, but it seems like the only thing you can do to customize it is to pick whether is show the weather or not.

    Are there any apps that let us have more customization on this view?

  2. mikemullin6

    mikemullin6 Member


    I would like to know if this is possible, also.
  3. ahjengmool

    ahjengmool Well-Known Member

    when on the lock screen drag down from the date and it will show you a rectangle outline, then swIpe left to get applications Swiper right and click on the plus sign it will bring up widgets that you can use
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  4. mikemullin6

    mikemullin6 Member

    I can get the list of apps but how do I put one, or more, of them on the S-view screen?
  5. AngelicCore

    AngelicCore Well-Known Member

    I am looking for the exact same thing.
    Even better would be an app that displays a video through the sview
  6. jptsr1

    jptsr1 Well-Known Member

    swiping down from the date on the lock screen does nothing on my note.
  7. Aethulwulf

    Aethulwulf Active Member

    Anybody know if there's any new information about this? I'd love to put an analog clock face on the s-window, but I only see one app on the Google Play store, and that's only for minor changes as far as I can tell...

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