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  1. ngnr3

    ngnr3 New Member

    Unlocked/Rooted TMOUS One S.

    Flashed CWM touch for recovery.

    Post-root, performed nandroid backup. Then I flashed PA ROM and got stuck on its boot animation. Thought it was no big deal because I had the nandroid backup.

    Restored from that backup.

    Am now stuck in CWM bootloop and have no idea how to get out. Can't get to bootloader. Have drained battery per xda post on this issue, but when I recharge it auto-boots back into CWM.

    Once I'm in bootloader I think I'll be fine, just can't get there.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

  2. sono23

    sono23 Member

    I'm having same problem.
  3. cschaaf3894

    cschaaf3894 New Member

    Same here, can't seem to install any other .zip files through CWM, and can't get back to HBOOT. Not even the stock ROM will install.
  4. JHamCell

    JHamCell New Member

    I'm running the 10/12 nightly and it's been great, until I let the battery run down to zero and it powered off.
    When I plugged it in it booted into CWM.
    When I select reboot system now, it reboots back into CWM.
    I've tried getting back to hboot and it always boots into CWM.
    adb reboot reboot does not help
    adb reboot-bootloader does not help
    They both bring me back to CWM.
    I'm running touch v5.8.3.1

    Anyone have any thoughts? Is there a way to tell CWM to boot into fastboot or hboot?

  5. JHamCell

    JHamCell New Member

    I moved the cursor down to advanced, just because it is a menu, not an action.
    Pushed and held power button until the phone powered off, this took a while.
    Then powered on with vol- pushed to get into fastboot.
    From here I selected reboot and CM10 booted up.

    Anyone know why it gets stuck in CWM boot loop after battery drains to 0 and phone powers off?

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