[CWM] Clockworkmod for LT7033 ,D & E models

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  1. mavrikmeercat

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    This is the work of XDA Developer fun_ so all credit goes to him for compiling this recovery.img. Be sure to go to his thread and thank him.

    I'm only posting instructions for Lt7033 variants. If you want instructions for your other device go here:
    CWM-based Recovery for Rockchip | androtab.info

    1.)A rooted LT7033
    2.)Download this from your tablet:
    2.)ES file explorer or root explorer
    3.)Terminal Emulator

    1.)In ES or root explorer, go to /sdcard/download/ and extract RK29Generic_CWM.zip.
    2.)Go to that extracted folder and multi-select flash_image and recovery.img
    3.)hit the copy icon to copy them
    4.)after copy, move up to root or /
    5.)open the folder /dev and paste both flash_image and recovery.img in /dev/
    6.)close root exploere/ES
    7.)Open terminal emulator and run these commands one at a time hitting enter after each one. misspelling or mistakes here can brick your tablet so get it right!!!

    [HIGH]su (hit enter)
    chmod 755 /dev/flash_image (hit enter)
    /dev/flash_image recovery /dev/recovery.img (hit enter)
    reboot recovery (hit enter)[/HIGH]

    note: you dont need to disable install_recovery.sh as fun_ instructed in his post because ours doesn't re-flash stock recovery on reboot..

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    reserved for future use
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    Hell yeah bro I can't wait til later tonight I'm gonna see what happens lol!
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    This is good!! This just means we're one step closer to a custom rom :)) I would love to get jellybean on this tablet :p
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    Hey guys, since the last several post are way off topic of the thread I'm gonna start a new thread and request to have them moved to that thread.
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    I'm sorry mav could u explain it to me how to find all these drivers lol I'm lucky I even got this tab going again lol I'm hella sleep deprived and if u could point me to the right direction I swear ill leave ya alone lol I'm very greatful for peeps like u and noober who actually take time to even read & or respond u guys r good dudes.
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