CWM Recover doesn't seem to be working.

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  1. WoKao

    WoKao New Member

    Hello, I'm currently trying to root my phone and I have followed all directions in this guide provided in the sticky, except when I try to enter recovery mode (Volume Up + Volume Down + Home + Power while the phone is off), my phone seems to do nothing. The Samsung logo shows up with a yellow warning triangle under it and then the screen remains blank until I reboot it. I have tried to install root while the phone was in this state, thinking that it was recovery mode. After I restarted my phone, I installed and ran Root Checker Basic, which said that my phone is not rooted. Anybody have a solution/tips?
    Edit: Thought I should add that my model number is GT-S7500L

  2. mimidevos

    mimidevos New Member

    You look for xda.
  3. WoKao

    WoKao New Member

    I do not know what xda is, could you please explain for me?
  4. WoKao

    WoKao New Member

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