CWM Recovery can not mount SD card help??

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  1. herminio67

    herminio67 Member

    Well I was going to flash a new rom today and i boot up into CWM Recovery i pressed apply zip from sd card and apply zip but at the bottom it said E:Cannot Mount SD card. I know my sd card is fine my phone can mounted joust not CWM i tried another sd card it wouldnt mount that one iether. Do i need to unroot or go back to stock recovery??

  2. bamaduc

    bamaduc Well-Known Member

    Go to choose zip from sd card instead of apply of whatever it is. You should get this moved to the all things root section, you'd get better responses over there
  3. Zombie591

    Zombie591 Well-Known Member

    I hate forums like this lol I'm having the same problem with my SD card and cannot seem to make it work..
    It mounts for anything minus recovery. I even took TWRP off my phone assuming it was the cause and went back to CMW which won't mount it either... I was stuck with a phone with no OS all day after figuring that out :/

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