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  1. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    OK, believe it or not, I can not put our Continuum into recovery mode. I can't find any working directions.
    Phone has been rooted for almost a year by now, and starts glitching, all I want to do is to CWM back up and factory reset it.
    What is specific buttons sequence to put it into CWM? Please, do not tell me "down, up+power" as it is physically impossible to do. That's prevalent "advice".
    I tried both volume buttons+power - nothing; down volume + power - nothing. Phone simply restarts.
    Thank you

  2. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    ok, let me re-phrase my question

    1. Continuum started acting up
    2. I wanted to do backup and wipe/factory reset
    3. I was naive enough to download Quick Boot and install it; as a result, it will boot into recovery, but does not respond to power button; as a result, the only way to get out of recovery was to Odin it
    4. I factory restored phone, but can not do 2 things:

    - can not find valid link for PIT file download (is it necessary?)
    - can not install anything from recovery, as power button still does not work in recovery mode

    5. as a result, I had it Odined one more time and, at this point, I am not experimenting with it anymore, as it's wife's phone, and you know how that goes.

    I need help here:

    1. I need help installing CWM recovery via Odin
    2. Can I root phone via Odin also?

    Please, if you post links, make sure they are valid, as most links I found so far are broken or lead to sales sites.

    Thank you

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