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[CWM][RZR][ROOT] AIO Root and recovery for the LG Esteem MS910

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  1. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    [​IMG] I am in no way responsible for what you do to your phone. Use at your own risk!

    At long last we now have a custom recovery for the LG Esteem, actually make that 2 recoveries, Clockworkmod and Raidzero. ;) Both are Release Candidates and still have a couple of minor issues to be worked out yet.

    • USB Mass Storage doesnt work on either recovery yet.

    • CWM, boot isnt listed in mounts and storage, thus cannot be wiped manually. Think I know the reason for this and I am looking to see if it can be bypassed.
    • RZR, boot is listed but will not mount and wipe manually.

    Both zips contain scripts for windows and linux, just download to your pc, unzip, and run the appropriate one for your OS. Both zips are All In One, meaning it will root and install CWM or RZR in one step.

    • Download zip to your computer
    • Unzip zip
    • turn on and put into Internet connection mode
    • Connect phone to computer via USB cable
    • run the install script for your OS

    Booting into recovery with the button combo is a lil tricky (gonna work on this) vol +- and power from power off, it will boot to the LG Reset screen, press power 3 times, dont freak out, it wont erase your data ;), and then recovery will appear. Some ROMs are already in the works n will be ready soon, one including reboot to recovery options in the power menu. ;)

    • Button Combo: VOL +- and POWER, press power 3x at LG Reset Screen.
    • App - Quick Boot
    • App - ROM Manager - no other features will work until CWM is submitted and officially built with RM support by koush.

    NOTE: Root doesnt work for the ZVC update, just ZVA and ZVB, but the root method will be updated as soon as one that works is available.

    Now for the goods ;)

    CWM RC
    RZR RC

    NOTE: I will be updating RZR as I get the few issues left fixed, but after that I wont be supporting it due to what all I already have on my plate. It is a nice recovery tho with a ton of features. Not for the novice or complete n00b IMO tho. ;)

    People to thank other than myself ;)

    mtmichealson - dev - help and assistance with development.
    interdepth- dev -Transform - help and assistance in brain storming to find n fix for reboot issue.

    Testers - they all deserve major props for testing, bricking phones, patience, and understanding I/we have a life outside of Android. ;)

    Image - bricked 1 phone, had replaced.
    youngnex - bricked 1, had replaced.
    vistor831 - also donated an esteem to the cause, may it RIP! Much appreciated bro!!! ;)

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  2. hadesflames

    hadesflames Well-Known Member

    Did you try setting it to Wumbo?

    to what???
  3. eversleyd

    eversleyd Well-Known Member

    wow this is great !!!!!
  4. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    Wow overclocked to1708 super fast thanks thanks thanks
  5. amazin1988

    amazin1988 Well-Known Member

    does anyone have a root is yet for lg esteem my phone was having problems i updated it and didn't read any forums before doing it
  6. edip12

    edip12 New Member

    Thank u very much guys what a christmas present :):)
  7. SquirrelNuts

    SquirrelNuts Well-Known Member Contributor

    DUDE, this is fast.... You guys are awesome... Thank you kind sir!

  8. antiHackmasta

    antiHackmasta Well-Known Member

    What recovery did you use RZR or CWM? Also I tried installing RZR and it just got stuck in a loop I had to remove the battery and try recovery again, the recovery then told me if I wanted to progress with the loss of my data I followed the directions and proceeded and I lost all my data. Good thing I back up with titanium. I am restoring all my apps and will then check to see if my processor is OC. Where can I check the CPU speed?
  9. Can someone please clarify how to boot in to CWM ?? Here is how i am doing it and failing:

    Phone is ON.
    I hold down the PWR and both volume UP and DOWN keys (3 buttons all together)
    The Airplane Mode, Power Off, etc screen comes up.
    I continue to hold the three buttons.
    I release the buttons when the screen goes dark.
    I press the power button 3 times when i see the LG logo.

    I do this and it just shuts itself off and i get my battery charging screen (because its charging)

    I installed the AIO root and CWM RC as instructed, it attacked my phone with some zerglings (just like a zerg rush in starcraft 2 or 1) and it said successful after it rebooted my phone.

    I do NOT see CWM in my applications list.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. LX

    LX Well-Known Member

  11. LX

    LX Well-Known Member

    try using the apps QUICK BOOT, or REBOOTIFY, rebootify works for me. Hope this helps
  12. Shiggitah

    Shiggitah Active Member

    I am so excited about this but at the same time so nervous. I want to do this but i just bought this phone two days ago. lol.
  13. rpyhe

    rpyhe Member

    I got my usb mass storage device to work with this CWM recovery. I flashed with Gingersteem Extreem and reflased again and now my usb mass storage works. After the first flash it didn't work as noted in the instructions, but when i ran into a boot loop issue due to changing the splash screen I had to reflash everything because I was stuck in a boot loot and when I reflashed usb mass storage works.

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