CWM seems to have bricked the phone

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  1. chasmodai

    chasmodai Member

    The SGS2 boots into CWM, I can choose an option, but nothing happens except the screen clearing and the circle/hat logo appearing. Phone won't reboot, won't exit CWM, won't actually do any task in CWM.

    Any suggestions, or is it just a brick now?

  2. sparky4017

    sparky4017 Member

    Did you try a battery pull
  3. chasmodai

    chasmodai Member

    Finally got CM to respond after trying a whole lot of different things. ROM Manager has been removed; apparently that is part of the issue.

    Was an exciting couple of hours...
  4. calsax

    calsax Active Member

    CWM now uses the home button as enter, instead of the power button. Takes some getting used to, but you are fine. I spent thirty minutes in a panic, until I remembered that little tidbit.

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