CWM Touch Recovery for Lucid 2

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  1. kanishk619

    kanishk619 Active Member

    After searching for several minutes, i was unable to find a working recovery for the lucid 2, for the posted recovery we had to downgrade to 87010A.

    Courtesy of our own forum member PlayfulGod, here is the recovery to use on latest firmware.

    I do not obtained permissions from PlayfulGod, if in anyway someone thinks the thread should removed, please report the thread.

    Also please thanks/donate to PlayfulGod .

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  2. kanishk619

    kanishk619 Active Member

    Steps to follow ;-

    -Must be on completely stock 87010A/87010B. Please do a factory reset by issuing adb reboot recovery.

    1) Enable USB debugging, connect phone with USB and select Internet Connection->Modem
    2) Install LG VZW United drivers.
    3) Root phone with motochopper.
    4) Download and transfer the posted recovery in the main post to the phone. Install the recovery.
    5) Open the LTE2/1m recovery app, click on Recovery apply (grant the SU permissions if prompted), finally click on reboot recovery.
    6) Tap the volume up/down buttons while the phone is rebooting and you should be able to see CWM. Now take backups, install moddem kernels and usual flashing stuff.

    PlayfulGod (For his modified recovery)
    GameTheory (For modded kernel)
    drbliss (For his awesome loki patch)
    Sammyz (For posting unbrick guide and firmware links)
  3. Nikguy

    Nikguy Well-Known Member

    so this is for the latest ROOTABLE firmware? There is no root for the latest update yet is there? Or did i miss a new development?
  4. kanishk619

    kanishk619 Active Member

    Use motochopper root, you will be able to root latest firmware :)
  5. Nikguy

    Nikguy Well-Known Member

    Really? Cool! Does anyone have a link to it? So far I havnt been able to find it.
  6. godmd5

    godmd5 Member

    if volume up + power is clear you phone!!
    if volume down + pwer is safe ,clear you root !
    is it 2nd Recovery!only install on system/xbin is not recovery part!
  7. kanishk619

    kanishk619 Active Member

    It is 2nd init recovery. Your phone must be able to boot into stock OS to reboot into CWM.
  8. godmd5

    godmd5 Member

  9. grashan

    grashan Well-Known Member

    Now all we need is a custom rom :D....
  10. Josparky

    Josparky Member

    I am a little confused I just want to root my new lucid 2. It says there is a software update for it so do I download the software update and let it install. I just want the phone rooted so I can use TB. Is there a link to this motochopper root so I know I am getting the right one and I am assuming i just follow the directions to root the phone? Please help I am dumb when it comes to this and I want it rooted with the newest software after i install it. Am I even on the right track here?

  11. grashan

    grashan Well-Known Member

    What is TB? Ill let you know rite now, not many root apps work.
    I couldnt get sixaxis or any rooted mobile hotspot app to work.

    Might be better off keeping it the way you have it.

    1. If you already did the update for your phone it may need to be downgraded in order to root it.

    2. The directions for rooting are in the post labeled "[ROOT][OUDHS] Spirited Away: RCT Nerfer Edition :: 5/7/13 :: FULL TECHNICAL NOTES INSIDE"
  12. Josparky

    Josparky Member

    Hey Grashon TB is Titanium Backup. I decided not to root the phone yet. It is still pretty new and has all the space I need on it for now. I mainly use it for work and went from a old vortex to this one lol to have more space and it has plenty since I was used to the vortex only having 150 megs lol. This one is like a Cadillac lol. I am sure as this phone gets older there will be more rooting going on with it so I decided to just wait. Looks like there is a wifi program that already has the first lucid working and I believe they are working on getting this one working with it too. I believe it is foxi one. So I am just going to wait a while and hopefully it will get a little better following as it gets older.:)
  13. grashan

    grashan Well-Known Member

    So how do i get the permanent cwm recovery
    Through the first lte app for the lg spirit
    Or with the zip file posted in that link a few posts up

    Because i don't know how to boot into cwm recovery unless i use the lg spirit app

    Or is there not yet a permanent recovery and we flash the rom through the app that gives this phone cwm
  14. Nikguy

    Nikguy Well-Known Member

    cant for the life of me get into the recovery. up+down volume just goes to download mode. going to the app, pushing "apply recovery" then clicking reboot just reboots normally... ho do i do it?
    I dont think i had this problem before
  15. grossejager

    grossejager Member

    @Nikguy; I presume your trying to get to the recovery now having already installed the Lucidian ROM? If so, I am in the same boat since I would like to perform a backup now that I have everything setup the way I want it. I'll keep researching and post back if I find anything helpful.
  16. treyboyd98

    treyboyd98 New Member

    When i boot into recovery, I try to use the external sd card, but it says it is unable to mount. Any fix for this?
  17. colwellkr

    colwellkr Member

    When I attempt to boot into recovery, via app or button combo the phone simply reboots itself a second time after appearing to have failed to boot into recovery. Any suggestions?

    Edit: More details here. I only found the this place after posting here. Sorry

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