[CWM][Video Tutorial]Installing CWM Recovery on SGY (GT-S5360) Only

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  1. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    Installing CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Y



    If you have rooted your Galaxy Y, why not take even more advantage of the device by installing a custom recovery, right? If you think that

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  2. bhvm

    bhvm New Member

    what is different between mad team and regular cwm? and functions more or less ? what's recommend?
    I looking to install your jellyblast v 3 and would like ota to work. kindly guide.
  3. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    Many CWM are included. I prefer to use CWM by madteam and CWM.zip

    I already know that u already found an answer but this is for others :D

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