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  1. progster

    progster Member

    Does anyone have information on a cwm mod for the aviator?

  2. samt3

    samt3 New Member

    From what I've read there has been 2 attempts for cwm on the phone. It works as far as loading and using it..... It just won't mount the system correctly and ends up breaking the phone when attempting to flash something. And it has been determined to be "impossible" which honestly I find bs. If it will load I guareentee you there is a way to get it to work. Just need a better developer than the 2 that attempted to do it. I'm kinda mad about it. Someone gave me a aviator and I like developmenting but I can't do it because they went that far and just stopped.
  3. dknight1996

    dknight1996 Member

    This phone needs to be brought back in to development again

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