Cyanogen 7.1.0 SD Card Issue

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  1. weisseundaar

    weisseundaar New Member

    I "wipe data"d my phone and installed Cyanogen 7.1.0 plus GAPPS.
    Previously had Gingerbread installed.
    Love the speed and customisability of new OS, however.......

    "preparing SD card, checking for errors" comes up when I start the phone, and stays until...

    I switch off the phone. remove sd card. plug in SD card into PC. Then insert SD card into phone, switch phone on. Stays fine till either airplane mode or phone restarted, in which instance it reverts to same issue.

    The SD card is a "Sandisk 32gb Class 4" as here:

    I backed up all sd contents on PC. Scandisk'd via PC, no errors reported. Formatted (quick) and formatted again via phone. reinstalled few apps, but problem occurred again when phone was restarted.

    I would note that I never had issues with the SDcard when the phone was running Gingerbread and Sense.

    I also have a 2nd problem. Phone will randomly refuse to switch on the screen. Scenario: using phone to text or call. finish task. press power switch to off the screen. press again to activate screen and only the lights on the keys on bottom of phone (home, menu, optical, search) light up, not the screen.
    In this instance, I have to pull battery out and reinstert to regain usability.

    Thoughts would be most appreciated, before I dump cyanogen and try either oxygen or go back to stock (low space issues!).
    Thank you

  2. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    Try a simple reflash?
  3. weisseundaar

    weisseundaar New Member

    I have a 2gb card in there and it seems to be working fine. Will reboot several times and install some apps and get back to this thread with results.

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