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  1. ccj804

    ccj804 Member

    is anyone running cyanogen on their moment? is this possible? I've been searching and cant find a definite answer.

  2. Wufei

    Wufei Member

    I don't think so as cyanogen mainly makes ROMs for HTC phones: G1/Dream, MyTouch 3G/Magic, Nexus One.

    Check out Kernel/ROM/Root Development for Moment development. Samsung's releasing their CL14 source code finally so things should get a lot more exciting.
  3. Xconst and his team hit a huge snag in porting senseui over to the moment.. but someone new Ackdamos claims he and some of his friends have a working sense ui rom... we are very interested in seeing were this goes, Ackdamos said he should have a release hopefully on monday... More information to come as avalible
  4. justlovejoy

    justlovejoy Well-Known Member

    Its been like 45 days where is this info?

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