cyanogenmod 7 on galaxy 551??(newbie)

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  1. nikhil01

    nikhil01 New Member

    hey can cm7 be installed on galaxy 551 i5510 via ROM manager???n after flashing can d process b reversed!!!plz help guys :)

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Who gave you the funny idea ?
    A.)Samsung phones have locked bootloaders
    B.)It is next to impossible to install ClockworkMod recovery
    C.If you do try to install clockworkmod recovery via ROM manager ,all you well get is a sliding decorative brick

    So ,no, you cant install Cyanogen Mod 7 .Even if CLockworkMod recovery worked ,there is no CM 7.0 port for Galaxy 551. .And it is irreversible.
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  3. nikhil01

    nikhil01 New Member

    kkk u saved my phone!!!thnx....then how do i customize my phone any alternate and safe way??:)
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Try Arkas which is our ROM .Though it is still Froyo ,it is at par with VillainROM.
    Custom framework,custom boot animation,default ADW launcher , ext3/4 support ,overclocked to 667Mhz (default is 600)
  5. nikhil01

    nikhil01 New Member

    kkk...indeed,i'll try bt i don't have a "COMPLETE" knowlegde of how to flash arkas....n d same question again can d process b reversed???i mean can i get back to my default rom after flashing arkas???do u have any video tutorial(youtube) kinda something 4 arkas...if yes plz provide link...:)
  6. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Nope I dont have any video tutorial .
    This is the basic stuff you should know about samsung flashing firmwares
    Back up all necessary apps using Titanium Backup
    Back up contacts to SD card using Export feature

    A.) :-A site where all the stock aka normal firmware 's are available.Download a stock firmware,OPS script,Odin from that place and also the Guide to flashing .
    B.)Take a deep breath ,accept what you are going to do is gonna brick warranty.
    C.)Use Odin ,which is also available on the site ,to Flash the phone according to guide .
    D.)After you have gained confidence to flash go to the root section of this to know more about flashing Arkas
  7. engziada

    engziada New Member

    I've flashed Cyanogen mod 7 beta a on my Samsung Galaxy 551..
    It's really great work and works like a charm
    but ...
    there is a bug in the camera while using any other program that deals with camera like "Camera Zoom FX" or any barcode scanner program ...
    The problem is that the screen is splitted into 2 identical halves separated by a strange line ...
    But when I shoot a photo, it's stored correctly
    On the other hand, the barcode scanners can't detect the codes correctly due to this problem
    Is there any help related to this issue ?
  8. sehjadasurge

    sehjadasurge New Member

    dear sir..i also have galaxy 5510 please mail me the procedure how to flash it in Cyanogen mod 7 my mail id is
  9. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

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