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  1. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    Hey all

    If anyone is curious to root and install custom Roms on their devices...this couldn't be easier. You install the app on your phone, and install on your PC.

    I have never rooted, and Dont have much knowledge about it. I used this installer and it couldn't have been easier. In less than 30 minutes it was done. I'm running 4.3.1 right now and its working flawlessly. Loving it.

    Give it a shot if you're like me and hate touchwiz

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Just as a matter of interest... what does your Knox Security flag show on your Galaxy S4, as per #1.4 of Warning - Knox Security on 4.3 quad core firmwares? :hmmmm:
  3. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    You do not have a Knox counter in Download mode on your S4? :confused:

    Were you on Android 4.3 when you used the CM Installer?
  5. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    Download mode? Not familiar with that. I thought you were referring to the Knox app that came with 4.3. I was on 4.3 when I used the installer. However I downloaded the sprint 4.3 update and installed manually because it still hadnt been pushed to my device at the time....and I didn't have Knox with it
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    My link in post #2 above, refers to the hidden Knox flag, nothing to do with Knox apps, that can be viewed in Download mode and how to go into Download mode, it even has a video to show you how to...

    I suggest reading the whole of that link in post #2, as it gives you a lot more info, as I believe you may have just permanently blown your warranty among other things.
  7. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    I've no idea what this Knox thing is (I run the Google Edition of the S4), but I'm curious; wouldn't it be gone once the CyanogenMod ROM was installed?

    EDIT: Never mind.. you posted while I was typing out my post. ;)
  8. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    My understanding is that rooting your phone voids the warranty. Not something I'm concerned about
  9. trucky

    trucky Well-Known Member

    Rooting does void most warranties, but is usually reversable when needed.

    To date, reversing the Knox counter is not possible.

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