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cyanogenMod no market app?

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  1. micahmanyea

    micahmanyea New Member

    i recently flashed the cyanogenmod rom for my aria and i love this rom but theres just one problem, wheres the market app? i tried downloading apps from 4 shared but it just kept saying there is a problem parsing the package.
    how can i get the market app so i can get apps and use this rom normally?
    im very new to this..

  2. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    You have to flash the Google Apps separately. Look for a gapps.zip file where you downloaded CM 6 from.
  3. jeremyg0418

    jeremyg0418 Member

    You have to add google apps into the aria. Here is the link:

    Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki

    Then put it in your micro sd and install the file from recovery mode. when finished installing, reboot, then you should see google apps.:)

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