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CyanogenMod on LGC660

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  1. mrasquinho

    mrasquinho Member

    Hello everyone.

    I've an LG C600 (aka Optimus Pro).

    I've a simple question - is it possible to put CyanogenMod on it? Or another modified rom? Because the stock rom is a simply crap!

    Could you please answer me? Help me? Because it's my first Android and I can't find anything related to this phone on Google neither or on this forum!

    Best regards,

  2. mrasquinho

    mrasquinho Member

    Anyone? :(
  3. ctorresc

    ctorresc New Member

    Sure you can install CM7 on your device, its quite easy and it improves the performance!!
  4. xataka

    xataka New Member

    tried, but failed, i bricked my phone, no lights,no emergency mode, no nothing!!!
    :( my phone is dead :(
  5. Trystam

    Trystam New Member

    You wouldnt happend to just be out of battery ?
    It's kinda very unusual that you cant use recovery.



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