cyanogenmod on p350??

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  1. optimusme

    optimusme New Member

    anybody know guys if it is possible 2 install cyanogenmod on lg p350?? and if its possible also to upgrade froyo 2.2 to gingerbread 2.3..?? im LG P350 user guys,,, any response will be highly appreaciated.. tenxx in advance.. :D

  2. lgp350

    lgp350 New Member

    there is no custom rom designed for optimus me on the internet..........there are chances of running gingerbread rom designed for optimus one ...but still as the resolution is not same i doubt if it can work........
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  3. optimusme

    optimusme New Member

    yeah,,, im tried 2 luk over the web for this rom but unfortunately i found nothin.. and im afraid to try to run the gingerbread rom available for optimus one in my p350.. im afraid it will bricked my phone.. nweiz tenxx for the response maybe ill try to wait until some one will succesfully try the upgrade and share it,, tenxx dude.. :D godspeed!
  4. ikazu

    ikazu New Member

    I've tried gingerbread. and it works for my Optimus Me P350.

    EDIT. I meant, the exploit to gain Superuser access.
  5. ethan123

    ethan123 Member

    @ikazhu cn u post it for us here ?? as a new thread ?
  6. kekio84

    kekio84 Active Member

    He meant Gingerbreak,not gingerbread :p
  7. Tsarli

    Tsarli Well-Known Member

    Any word if Gingerbread is coming at all for the P350?
  8. ethan123

    ethan123 Member

    nyone tried any custom ROMs for P350 ??
    i think we dont hav much p350 users ..!!
  9. Nallasivan

    Nallasivan Member


    This is my first ROM, I bought P350 last August 2011 and I was trying to learn. Last week I started to port gingerbread into P350. I think it is working now and will have some bugs.

    Please alert me if you find any bugs, I will fix it and improve the ROM.

    Do not forget to wipe data/cache.

    Please download using the following LINK

    Please flash Gapps using the following link after the ROM,

    Otherwise market wont work.

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  10. Honik

    Honik New Member

    Hi Nallasivan..
    yes there is a Cyanogen mod for LG-P350...


    it's an italian tutorial but you can download the rom from here!

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