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Cyanogenmod porting efforts

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  1. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Heya folks,

    So I've been working on trying to get Cyanogenmod 7.x built and installed on the phone. The good news is that I can get it to build. I can't get it to boot fully, however.

    When I boot the phone, it almost even works! The kernel boots - the logo dims. It stops there.

    Well, out of curiosity, I connect to the phone with adb? yes! Sure enough, the phone has booted up enough that I can get a root shell on it with adb. It just doesn't display anything on the screen other than the LG logo so far.

    I can open up dmesg on the phone to look at the kernel error log. It looks like init is repeatedly trying and failing to start a specific program. I don't know what program it is yet, but it's stuck in a loop. Here's what dmesg keeps printing:

    Code (Text):
    2. <6>[   25.503786] request_suspend_state: wakeup (0->0) at 1143991562939 (2011-12-08 22:49:47.187021271 UTC)
    3. <3>[   25.508416] init: untracked pid 5340 exited
    4. <3>[   25.508469] init: untracked pid 5341 exited
    5. <6>[   25.807358] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_avc_ctl 1
    6. <6>[   25.808173] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_agc_ctl 1
    7. <6>[   25.809149] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_volume 9 0 7
    8. <6>[   25.809796] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_volume 10 0 21
    9. <6>[   25.810393] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_volume 5 0 7
    10. <6>[   25.810989] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_volume 0 0 7
    11. <6>[   25.811718] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_volume 12 0 7
    12. <6>[   25.812536] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_volume 22 0 7
    13. <6>[   25.813124] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_volume 3 0 7
    14. <6>[   25.816048] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_device 0 1 1
    15. <6>[   25.817118] [snd.c:snd_ioctl] snd_set_volume 29 0 21
    over and over again, each time the pid goes up by a few. Any ideas?

    Would it be useful to post the almost-working rom here for others to troubleshoot? I'll try adding some debug info to the init scripts to figure out what's happening. Maybe I just get lucky :)


  2. jparasite

    jparasite Well-Known Member

    Hmm, did you have any problems building CM7? I know I ran into a problem last night building the Gingerbread branch I checked out.

    I'm gonna try to reproduce your steps to getting CM7 compiled and built with the LG kernel :p
  3. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Well, once I added the alohag target (a few files had to be modified in vendor/cyanogen so that my build target would be added), then it all builds fairly smoothly.
  4. jparasite

    jparasite Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I only had the generic option >.> Haha, I think I'm gonna leave the building to you, I'm really over my head with getting stuff to fit together.
  5. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a proprietary sound lib from LG... That's the problem with porting Cyanogenmod. There's always a lib somewhere the source doesn't cover... Did you try running the porting feature in dsixda's kitchen to see if it can incorporate some of the libs from the stock LG gingerbread ROM? Might be worth a shot.
  6. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the porting feature mostly just copies kernel modules and keyboard layouts. Doesn't do all that's needed, with regard to firmware and such.

    I'm going to try building a few different configurations - see if I can disable the boot logos and such to help figure out where it's stalling. Maybe I can get a good old fashioned linux console as the default boot, and build it up from there.

    Anyway, more to come when I have time.

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