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  1. mqureshi79

    mqureshi79 Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    I remember a while back seeing articles about cyanogenmod for the Verizon Samsung tab, but it was still buggy.... anybody know if they got it working, and if so, where can I find download/install instructions?

  2. pcflip

    pcflip Well-Known Member

    ya I am very interested in this as well but from what I can see it hasnt progressed any further which is a real shame because cyanogenmod on the Nook color is amazing and would be just as awesome on the Galaxy Tab 7.0, best we can do is either use the alpha/beta with a lot of broken functions or update to gingerbread.

    If anyone knows of anything outside of this please let us know :)
  3. mqureshi79

    mqureshi79 Well-Known Member

    In general, it feels like people have abandoned the original tab... No roms, hardly any support.... My GB update keeps on failing, so i.was really hoping for some alternatives.... if there's not much progress, I may pick up a nook color from craigslist or wait for the 7" asus and then sell this one. I have a 10" asus that I'm really happy with
  4. pcflip

    pcflip Well-Known Member

    ya I almost went for the nook but I was able to find the Tab for $250 brand new with keyboard dock and well I couldnt pass that up but it is a bummer that people lost interest in the 7" :( but who knows maybe when honeycomb code gets released we will see a revival :)

    There was good progress on the 7.0 until greedy ass dumbass people started complaining that it was taking to long to the people who were working on the gingerbread and honeycomb ports of which they are not being paid to do >.< that makes me mad because they ruined it for everyone else.
  5. Android Master

    Android Master New Member

    I have the Sprint Tab 7 and I regret having it. I may sell or destroy mine and get a GSM SOON!!!!!!!!. I hate not having support. I feel like a second class citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Swagon_Wagon

    Swagon_Wagon Member

    i hate that the gsm version of the gt7 cost much more then the cdmc versions. stupid. i can get a verizon tab for 230 bucks new online and the clostest tmobile tab was like 350

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