Cyberbully App Coming to Capture Bullies

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    We are currently in development to release a cyberbullying app that will end cyberbullying. We will be adding cool features such as bully blacklists and a killer stealth recorder. It will mark the end of workplace and school bullying.

    We are looking for beta testers if anyone is interested. We are due to launch soon. Any features you guys would like to see in a bully app?

  2. amlothi

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    Does it come with a taser for my phone? :)
  3. Bullyapps

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    We will add the Taser as a future
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  6. ndh777

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    At first I was wondering what exactly is a bully app. But thanks, sounds really cool! Maybe add something that uses the camera function, such as video recording of an incident but make it stealthy so that if the bully looks at the screen while it's recording, nothing shows on the screen. I know there are more things but I can't think of them at the moment. A possible lite app or will it be free or with ads or what? Just curious as to the price.
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    We will start it at .99 cents due all of the features. We are thinking about a video feature for future update. Video works for adults but we had concerns about middle school kids. If they pointed the phone at the bully then that could lead to increasd violence. We decided on the audio stealth feature because a small kid could activate it from their pocket without the bully knowing
  8. gilbequick

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    Seems like it could be a good idea. More information would be necessary to give a better opinion.

    If I "Like" the page, how will you distribute the app to me for free?
  9. Tempusfugit

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    I lol'd

    If you need a bully app, you're just gonna get your phone jacked by a bully when you pull it out to record it. And if not? What are you gonna do, go to the principal and tell them he called you a poopy head? - no wait, I have proof!!!

    Someone should make a spoof app that purports to do this same thing, but when you activate any of the features, it just calls out, "man up nancy, nobody cares in the real world"
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    Tempus your post would be funny if we were talking about being bullied in the 70s, 80s, and or 90s. It is a fact that 20% of kids that are cyberbullied have contemplated committing suicide. Wake Up! Kids are committing suicide
  11. 9to5cynic

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    Lmao. "Man up Nancy." But I do have a question, what is it that this app does to stop cyber bullies? Does it filter the Facebook results or something? I don't do the whole facebook thing so I can't 'like' it...
  12. Bullyapps

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    There are three key features:
    1. Blocks them
    2. Records all of their sms and calls to SD Card
    3. Capture audio to turn into authorities

    Prosecutors have trouble sticking charges against bullies because it is hard to verify someone behind a computer. The recording and copies of message will alow authorities and companies to hold bullies accountable.
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    Bully Block Beta app will be available by the end of the week
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    Bully Block now live in the market
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